Banned for being too sexy, Carl’s Jr ecstatic with free coverage

The wowsers and fun police have ordered and ad from Carl’s Jr off air because it is too sexy. The PR and marketing firm is said to be ecstatic at the news:

Burger chain Carl’s Jr has been stopped from airing an American advertisement after it was ruled to be using sex to sell an unrelated product.

The commercial for the Memphis BBQ Burger shows two women in bikini tops and short shorts grilling meat on an outside barbecue and then entwining their arms before eating burgers, as two open-mouthed men take pictures with a mobile phone.

It has aired in the US and Mexico but the Commercial Approvals Bureau (CAB), which must approve ads before they screen locally, said it used sex in an exploitative and degrading manner to sell an unrelated product.

CAB general manager Rob Hoar said the decision followed a standard set when complaints against Burger King advertisements featuring bikini-clad women riding horses were upheld, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Russell Creedy of Restaurant Brands, which operates the Carl’s Jr franchise in New Zealand, said the decision reeked of a nanny state mentality.

And for your viewing pleasure is the banned advert after the break: 


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  • Gazzaw

    What a turkey Rob Hoar! By banning the ad you have just guaranteed its viral status in the social media. You have heard of the social media Rob?

  • williamabong

    I can understand Rob Hoar being upset, especially with a last name like that, if his mummy was a Hoar as well I can understand him being a bit prickly over something like this.

  • Rodger T

    I`d almost be tempted to eat at Carls Jnr, if their burgers weren`t so fucking bland.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      The GI Carl’s Jr was delicious when it opened, but haven’t been back so I’m assuming they have gotten worse?

      • Rodger T

        I`ve tried C jnrs at Lincoln road twice, not really interested in going back.
        But then ,maybe I`m just a grumpy ol` cunt.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          Different franchise, that one I believe. KFC instead of that league player

      • Never in the dark…..

        GI has gone down hill. Last time we partook, it wasn’t so busy and we ended up with cold burgers and refried chips. Still awaiting feedback from our complaints. It’s now a coin toss between Kiwiana, Charcoal Burgers and Bug J’s.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          Burger Wisconsin is a pretty damn good chain too. Thanks for that, I won’t be going back.

  • One of my all-time favourite clips

    • SJ00

      Pure genius was that show! Down with this sort of thing!

      • I have the all too short series on DVD. Must watch it again.

        Oh go on. Go ooooooon. Go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on go on.

    • I LOVED that show.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      looks outside when its a thunderstorm: “Oh its grand outside”

  • kohibruce

    Too sexy? No such thing!

  • Graeme Edgeler

    Unlike, for example, conservative organisations and Hell Pizza advertising, the CAB doesn’t care if its decisions give greater publicity to a company. The Advertising Agencies and Media Organisations that run ads have agreed a code between themselves that they voluntarily enforce. CAB is they pre-approval agency they fund to do this for them.

    And someone tell Mr McCready that it’s not “nanny state” if the state has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

    • Travis Poulson

      He didn’t say it was. He said “the decision reeked of a nanny state mentality”.

  • Michael

    These nanny staters made Carls Jnr a must stop at on my holiday in the US. Now there is one in Palmie I might get to go back.

    Dr Robyn Toomath is the worst type of nanny statist, I heard her being interviewed on Radio Sport last weekend – apparently we are too fat because the government don’t spend enough on public transport and give individuals too much personal freedom.

  • cows4me

    God what is our problem in this country, why do we need busy body wankers been our moral conscience, more horseshit from those that think they know better and their standards must be forced on all. If for whatever reason a few prudes can’t handle something like this the best thing they could do is vote with their feet and don’t go within 10 miles of this burger joint or even better change the channel. Fat chance of that though is there. I truly belive the idiots that find this offensive are fucked up in the head.

  • steve and monique

    Nice rump,and the steak looked good too.

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