Banned in Australia, available on Whaleoil

Dick Smith has had one of his ads banned:

Boat people staggering ashore from a burning shipwreck feature in a jingoistic ad created for Dick Smith Foods which the entrepreneur claims has been banned from primetime by the TV networks.

The ad – timed for Australia Day – has been created for the Australian food company by comedian and producer Dan Ilic through his company Downwind Media.

Smith claims in the ad that immigrants are headed to Australia to enjoy his food. He says: “Why else would thousands be trying to get here?”

The ad also features innuendo around the phrase “I love Dick”.

The banned ad is after the break 


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  • thor42

    Sheesh…. some people have *no* sense of humour.

    Good on ya, Dick! Keep the non-PC ads coming!

    • Travis Poulson

      Not likely worth the waste of money if they keep getting banned. Precious bunch of cunts. It’d be the same here though.

  • Tristanb

    Awesome! In NZ he’d be thrown in jail for making such an ad.

  • Captain Crab

    Dick is an extremist nutter. Tim Blair hands his arse to him here

  • manuka416

    You bewty!

  • Hazards001

    But of course if we import a whole heap of cheap Chinese labour to undercut our painters, builders,gib stoppers, fencers, earth movers, truck driver cleaners and God only knows who else so they can work under the table for cash and create an underground economic community amongst themselves and then be the leading cause of sky rocketing house prices in Auckland as we sell our land to their corrupt corperates, along with our businesses it’s just good economic practice.
    The kiwi work force is over paid and under worked and deserve to be shut out by the immigration policies that support the corrupt and dishonest.

    • parorchestia

      We are underpaid compared to other developed countries, but our house components are priced at international rates (they have to be), hence the unaffordability of housing – standard international prices but low wages.

  • Patrick

    Yeah – funny how Dick Smith’s Electrical is all cheap imported Chinese shite though isn’t it? He didn’t mind importing non Australian made when he was making his fortune. Now just like our very own Gareth Morgan he sits upon his mountain of cash & lectures us all on what we should do & how we should spend our hard earned money. What a dickwit

    • parorchestia

      He doesn’t own Dick Smith Electrical, and he had to import components when he did as no one country can design and make everything. But I love his ad.

    • James M

      Dick still cares so much about his name on his old business “Dick Smith Electronics” and it being owned by Australia that in an interview on radio live about 4 months ago he mentions changing his name if the company was sold to the Chinese and he was dead serious.

  • James M

    Dick cares about his name and his nation, hes a good man. We’ll done on the add.

    We’re stuck with bloody Gareth Morgan YAAYY!

  • spollyike

    Love this. He is standing against all that is wrong with socialist western PC, feminist, multi-culture where it is illegal to cause offense!!!! Go Dick!