Breeding Children to Kill Themselves

Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups are no stranger to turning themselves into instant fish berley at the flick of a switch, and it seems they like to start them young, and not just by the fathers either.

The wife of a Hamas member of parliament hailed the role of Palestinian mothers in preparing their children to kill themselves in acts of terrorism against Israel. Encouraging her children to “wage Jihad for the sake of allah” is “the most glorious thing a woman can do,” she said.

In an interview on Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV channel, Umm Osama, wife of Hamas MP Khalil Al-Hayya, said that she, her husband and her children all prayed that Allah would grant them martyrdom.


Umm Osama, interviewed on Hamas’s al-Aqsa TV in Gaza last month (photo credit: MEMRI screenshot)

You can watch the video here

“Women in Palestine play a great role in raising their children and in encouraging them to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah,” she told the Gaza TV channel, in comments broadcast last month and recorded, reposted and transcribed Monday by the MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) watchdog. “This is absolutely the most glorious thing a woman can do. Women play their role and are not inferior to men. When a man goes to wage Jihad, his wife does not say ‘Don’t go’ or try to stop him. She encourages and supports him. She is the one who prepares his equipment, bids him farewell, and welcomes [his Jihad].”

The mother “instills in her children the love of Jihad and martyrdom for the sake of Allah,” she went on. “If every mother were to prevent her son from waging Jihad for the sake of Allah, who would wage Jihad? Who would support Palestine? Palestine is dear to us, and its price is paid with our body remains and our lifeblood. Is not Allah’s reward precious? Allah’s reward is Paradise. Paradise requires from us our blood, our body remains, and our efforts for its sake.”

She added: “I am constantly praying: ‘Allah, make the end of our days be in martyrdom.’ I pray for this even for my husband and my children. None of us want to die in our beds. We pray that Allah will grant us Paradise.”  -source

So all they want is to be martyred, who is the IDF to stand in the way?



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  • really who would take the word of a coward who hides her faces in public seriously

  • cows4me

    And many liberals claim there is no such thing as evil or right or wrong. This is “evil” make no mistake about it. No doubt we will have some dribbling wonders posting later that this poor woman is misunderstood, underprivileged, follows a different path or lives by values that we should not judge. Be fucked the lot of them, there is right and wrong, good and bad, despite what the numerous idiots on the left would have you believe.

  • Rodger T

    If we could just convince them to use live vests in their training exercises………………….

    In the immortal words of Billy Connolly,” every time there is a BANG ,there`s one less wanker on the planet.”

    • Travis Poulson

      If we could just convince them to use live vests in their training exercises………………….

      Comment of the day.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    As one Jihadist mother says to the other while watching their kids play a game of Holy War; “They blow up so quickly”….

    • Lofty

      Yes, and the other mum replied, I know, I know, my young Mohammad jnr badly burnt his lips on the exhaust pipe while trying to blow up that Israeli bus.

  • Whafe

    That woman seems to be lead defficient!

  • bristol

    Blinkered Liberals allow the so-called ‘Palestinians’ to get away with reduced standards of human behaviour, normally unacceptable to the rest of the civilized world, by giving them a free pass to conduct indiscriminate act of barbarism, most of which would qualify as war crimes. Their barbarism, in whatever form, will continue as long as they know they’ll never be called to account.

    • thor42

      I agree, they are savages, as simple as that.
      You are right with the “so-called Palestinians” thing too.
      These people try to BULLSHIT the West that they were in what is now Israel before the Jews. That they are descendants of the Philistines.
      That, of course, is NOT TRUE. The Philistines were a sea-going people from Crete and the Aegean islands.
      The Fakestinians are *Arabs*, and so are from Saudi Arabia. They only got to where Israel is now around 638AD (when the Islamic conquests started and when Caliph Umar conquered Jerusalem). By that time, the Jews had already been there for **thousands of years.**

  • Bunswalla

    Two Palestinian grandmothers sitting on a bench, comparing photos of their grandchildren.

    “Awww,” says one, “they blow up so quickly, don’t they?”

  • thor42

    I tell you, Israel has the patience of a **saint**.
    If I were Netanyahu, I would have wiped out **every Arab** from the west of Egypt across to eastern Iraq, and up to the Turkish border.
    How on earth they have refrained to do so beats me.
    I’m **damned sure** that they could do that if they really wanted to.

    • Mostly_Harmless

      They could – but the consequences could be dire given that they’re on a tiny strip of land surrounded by hostile countries.

      • Travis Poulson

        Hostile countries in which Israel has beaten every single one of in the past. Syria is at war with themselves, Egypt is sorting their own problems out, Lebanon doesn’t know who’s in charge and Jordan wouldn’t be stupid enough to go down that road again, and has close ties with the US military and UN anyway. That said, it’s not going to happen anyway.

    • fozzie2

      Really Thor ?? I think the Israelis know if they even tried it would make the Holocaust look like a picnic !!

  • thehawkreturns

    I believe Belgium tips over to 50% Muslim about 2020. That Depardieu fellow was wise to take the offer of Russian citzenship. Watch the demographics people.

    • thor42

      Yes – Brussels is 25% Muslim already.

      Some very tough times ahead for Europe in the near future. I don’t see any other way for Islam to be repulsed there other than for people to take to the streets and get rid of the Muslims themselves.

      If the pollies were “onto it”, they would follow Italy’s lead and legally define Islam as *not* a religion, but an “ideology of hate”. That then allows them to ban immigrants who are members of an “ideology of hate”, and things can go from there.

      Sensible as that is, they will never do it.

  • Geez Louise. If I was forced to wear that bloody sheet all over my face and body I would be praying for my Tyrant of a husband to meet his maker too and soon! Chances are I was sold to him by my family and have to do what I am bloody told. Also when my sons are 8 or older they would have the power to order me around too. I actually saw an 8 year old boy here in NZ speaking to his mother like dirt ( she had the full sheet thingy ) and his Father backed him up. I can only imagine how bad it would be back in their own country. She would say what she was bloody well told to say otherwise she would be beaten. No woman who is truly the equal of a man sits dressed in a sheet with nothing but a slit to look out at the world from. Dress it up as religion or modesty all you like, the hard truth is that it is subjugation plain and simple and it makes me sick.