Bunny Boiler Sets Bed On Fire – While he’s IN it!

The rage involved in relationship breakups could probably fuel a small city. ?Emotions are high. ?Certainly finding your man in bed with another woman would be something to get you fired up.

s-NICOLE-DOBOL-FIRE-MATTRESS-EX-largeNicole Dobol does set a whole new standard mind you.

She set the bed on fire.

That’s some anger right there.

But that doesn’t put her into the Bunny Boiler category.

Nicole did this to her ex-boyfriend.

And she had to break into his apartment to do it!

As the Monroe County Sherriff’s Office reports, Nicole isn’t the sort of woman that accepts rejection very gracefully:

Maybe she just wanted to rekindle their old flame.

Nicole Dobol, 29, was arrested last Wednesday for allegedly breaking into her ex-boyfriend’s apartment and setting fire to a mattress?where he and another woman were sleeping, according to a release from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

On Nov. 11, Dobol reportedly was searching for her ex at Hog Heaven Bar and Grill in Islamorada, Fla. His roommate told her that the man in question was at their apartment.

What a mate!

Deputies say Dobol busted into the apartment and made her way into the bedroom, where her ex and his new flame were asleep.

In the heat of jealousy, Dobol allegedly torched the mattress. According to the release, Dobol stood over the couple, “taunting” them while the flames leapt around them.

The man’s roommate told deputies the fire was still burning when he got home. He also claims that Dobol said she started the blaze because it “made her crazy” to see her ex with another woman.

The couple was able to put out the fire and no one was injured.

Dobol initially got away, but her dreams of escape went up in smoke when she was arrested last week on an outstanding warrant and was subsequently charged with arson and burglary.

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