Cactus calls out Farrar and hooks into Hopeless Hekia

Fresh from having the remains of his man card shredded Cactus Kate spanks Farrar for his flip flop holiday brain fade posts about Key’s re-shuffle:

Not even the most one-eyed National Party supporter in the world with that eye glued closed, could call the demotion of Heatley and Wilkinson anything but a sacking.

Oh for heavens sake David. Call a spade a bloody spade.    Their departures are out and out sackings.  This is big girl and boy stuff, there is no rest or rotation policy.  Out.

Big thanks?  For what can we ask?  Doing a job they are paid to do and not being good enough to keep it?  Thanks for taking one for the team up the chook? 

If an employee is in senior management and permanently no longer invited to the senior management meetings , they have been sacked.  They feel like they have been sacked.  They are not out celebrating with those replacing them or their new gold watch.  They swear and curse and want to know why they have received a $118,000 drop in salary.

Only in the weirdest handwringing sort of euphemistic PR HR speak would anyone call it actual “rejuvenation”.

Dead right…and she is right about Hopeless Hekia too:

At first I thought Key was a big girls blouse for not sacking Parata but after listening to his presser have a different conclusion.

Parata has not been sacked by John Key for poor performance for three reasons:
a) she is Maori, and;
b) a woman, and most importantly;
This makes her more than three (hundred) times as hard to sack by a rich white man in a greasy suit without making him look like a bully.  Even if Parata herself is a notorious bully with a terrible record of staff management.
Had he sacked Parata, all those lefties calling now for him to sack her would have called him that.

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  • Gazzaw

    I said yesterday that Hekia was not sacked for very valid pragmatic reasons. She no longer has to worry about Novopay but if she wants to hang on to her job then she has to get her shit together on Ch’ch & charter schools.

  • spollyike

    Just another incompetent part-maori out of her depth when dealing with anything non-part-maori and yet protected by her blood connections to the iwi elite and of course her gender. Obviously these are the things she has over mangina Key that prevent him from finding the balls to get rid of her. I for one am sick of the apartheid and misandry that has become so prevalent in this country. If anyone no matter their so called ethnicity, gender, sexual perversion or money does a job as badly as Parata they should get the sack no questions asked.

  • parorchestia

    Parata should have been first in the dole queue. Incompetent, arrogant, ignorant.

  • unsol

    As a parent of a school aged child I really fail to see what the fuss is about – Hekia is just yet another mouthpiece for those who make the decisions behind the scenes. Sure she has some input, but that is about it.

    And I dont see how people can make sweeping comments such as labelling her incompetent, arrogant & ignorant with a straight face. She has mucked up on a couple of things but when you have a moving tide of information like what CHCH – which is the only reason why people are up in arms – is at the moment then that is always going to be a given

    Novapay – nothing she could have done differently there after all, it was the Labour govt that signed them on (thanks Chris Carter).

    Salisbury School – wrong call so fair enough she gets flack for that.

    But CHCH closures/mergers? Wasn’t she merely acting on advice from the CCC & CERA . And she backed down where necessary..

    And then there is the fact that people got their knickers in a twist over were merely proposals – not set in stone so always open to submissions & alterations…and she at least tried to consult/hear parents views (didnt she do a few weeks of school visits in October?)

    End of the day CHCH is just one big horie mess so I think that any govt – whether left or right – deserves a bit of grace as it is not like there is a manual for what to do post earthquake & a rapidly changing population (who seem to all be moving out to Ellesmere, Rolleston & Rangiora!).

    In terms of education elsewhere she has done a fine job – our school is fantastic so no issues for us.