Cactus on Rodney Hide’s shark jumping

Cactus Kate isn’t impressed with Rodney Hide’s little bit of shark jumping in the NZ Herald:

In the meantime in HoS?Rodney Hide is jumping the shark?about the Canadian rogue Justice Binnie. ?I still cannot get over the pertinent fact that if David Bain did not kill his family, there is only Robin left and why on earth if you were slaughtering your family, wouldn’t you pop David after his paper run? ?Rodney has studiously read almost everything on the case in his superbrain sort of way and is now his usual determined self that Binnie is right and Bain should get compensation.

Go leave your own comments on his column. Be polite but firm :-). I have already scrapped with him about it at length. ?He wins the academic argument but I still win at a practical level.

Rodney is being very technical…but in an area that Binnie was never asked to report on…and he is forgetting that Binnie exceeded his brief.

I think he is showing his personal prejudice against Police and authority and as a result is supporting the payment of compensation to David Cullen Bain…not ont he merits of Bains case but rather because the Police deserve a serve.

That is a false premise…and one which, no how much he wishes it to be so, won;t teach the Police a single lesson.

I’m not sure that Rodney has read all of the Justice Department?documents?that have been released including the transcripts of Binnie’s interviews. I?have?and I do not come to the same conclusions as Binnie or indeed Rodney Hide.