Cactus on what she wants this year

Cactus Kate has a small wish this year:

This year I want to see English, Banks and Key pretend that they do not care about being re-elected in 2014 and actually be bold enough to make necessary changes in the economy that matter.  This may be their only chance thanks to the Nats poking their chances with building a coalition partner or changing from MMP.

Hard to argue with that…If John Key doesn’t do something…and by that I don’t mean rehabilitating Nick Smith and putting an old dodderer in as speaker. 

I mean meaningful changes in policy and direction then 2014 will be the end of him…and his government.

Steve Joyce has a great deal to answer for with his spiking of the MMP campaign, it is a decision that only now they are starting to realise was incredibly short sighted.

New Zealanders gave John Key and National a mandate and so far they haven’t done very much with that at all.

2013 is the last year that they will feel brave enough to do it.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    We need LEADERSHIP.
    JK to stand up and say “This is what is wrong and needs fixing and this is how we are going to do it”
    Get PB to go in and slash and burn the welfare bludgers.
    Get the Minister responsibkle to slash the similar budget for middle class NZ ers and compamies.
    Get hard on crims both blue and white collar ones.
    Put Crusher in the ED portfolio and go hard on the teacher unions.
    Then they will get traction.
    Read in the DT that the uk spends 200 BILLION GBP + on welfare hand outs.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      I’m scared of what will happen once we get a Labour-Green-Maori-Mana-NZ first coalition, and how soon before they all either explode over each other or the country runs out of money.

      What fucks me off so much about Mana is that they get Hone in on the Maori electorate with basically nobody in it, that nobody wants to stand for, and he gets to drag Bradford and Cunto in on the party vote – with literally 0 support nationwide.

      And what exactly does Hone do to help the people of Te Tai? All he does is bleat about white motherfuckers and “house niggers”, how about sorting your people out with jobs and support?

      • Hugewon

        Minto etc aren’t in on the party vote – unless you mean next year?

        Oh god I hope they never get 5% party vote

        • Pissedoffyouth

          It appears you’re right. Woopsie, lets hope they don’t get in.

  • williamabong

    Time for JK to actually get up off his arse and do what he was elected to do five years ago, instead of the posturing, handwringing, smiling for the cameras crap.

    There is a very rapidly eroding opportunity to actually do something and turn the country around before the Greens led by Russell “Lets print more money” Norman and Gareth “Silly little boy” Hughes together the head fuck the Labour party has become get gifted the treasury benches.

    Time to start getting serious with the bludgers and time to remove the 12 kids by 32 syndrome, this is what is killing this country, as the Captain says lets really get up criminals both blue and white collar.
    As it currently stands the there are only two sets of balls on the Nat benches and both of them belong to women, come on JK time to man up and get on with the job or get consigned to history as yet another do nothing lickspittle that got paid well to do fuck all.

  • Rodger T

    Yep,time to shit or get off the pot.

  • Apolonia

    We are now starting our 5th year with a caretaker prime minister.
    “smile and wave” has done nothing but “borrow and hope”. He has not reversed any of Clark’s policies. The bloated public sector is still growing.
    The man has as much “vision” as Stevie Wonder.

    • Alex

      Here’s an equally important question: what are YOU (and your conservative right friends) actually doing to convince New Zealanders of the need for reform?

      The conservativve right are too often being distracted by non-issues, or else saying something totally dumb and/or bigoted that the media seizes on and has a field day.
      It is time the conservative right people stopped their armchair criticism of Key, and went to the public and began advocating policies that win the hearts and minds of New Zealanders. It needs to articulate its ideas in a way that accords with New Zealand values — as opposed to some Tea Party inspired Christian fundy rhetoric that turns off people in this country.
      Please don’t whine about media bias; the true fact is that the conservative right in this country is not articulating ideas, and it is not seeking to persuade people. Until it does so, New Zealand will continue to slide into the leftist swamp.

  • cows4me

    What a Claytons party National have been, God forbid the boat be rocked and they all fall out. You twits, your chance to really make a difference has being pissed away while the party hides behind the excuse their hands are tied due to MMP. You can bet your sorry arses that if the retarded left get power there shall be no qualms in introducing “reforms” that will sink us all. You’ve had four years now to roll back socialism and the smoothing nanny state but no. I really wonder why the left froth at the mouth when they speak about the baby eaters, our current overloads would have trouble eating chocolate babies.

  • Economist

    2013 is the last year that they will feel brave enough to do it.

    Yeah right. Which commonsense policies do you think National will adopt:

    * Ending WFF
    * Ending Interest-Free-Student loans
    * Capped income tax (so no-one pays more than say $25,000 income tax)

    * Eliminating bargaining rights for all public-sector unions (then eliminating those unions)
    * Banning union support for political parties
    * Bulk funding state schools; OK, go one better and charterize all state schools; OK go two better and just stop all state funding and charge fees!
    * Close down Kiwirail, Kiwkbank, KiwiSaver and anything else Labour started called “Kiwi”
    * Independent anti-corruption commission to investigate Labour and Unions.
    * Stop state funding to hospitals & GPS
    * Stop paying benefits. All of them. Yes including super.

    Just one would be a big change from this govt!

  • Economist

    At the very least, Key & Joyce must recognize that they have no choice now but to drop the threshold to 3%. On current polling that would give a National/Conservative coalition.

    • I’d rather they lost than worked with Colin Craig

      • Economist

        So you’d rather Norman, Turei, Winston, Harawira, Kelly, and god knows who else as ministers rather than Colin Craig?

        good grief

  • Auto_Immune

    I find it odd that the one thing National is prepared to burn political capital for is asset sales. Any reform or project will always have some naysayers, but there would be more public support for something like serious welfare reform than there actually is for asset sales.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Don’t bet on that Auto. A large chunk of NZ’rs are now net beneficiaries thanks to Labours previous policies. Talk about taking away some of the benefits they are getting (especially anyone remotely nearing middle class) and you’d be torched at the first opportunity.

  • Whafe

    Once again, Jon Key is pretty much wearing one of Helen Clarks hideous Cardigans… Now is the time John to launch into it & get into the macro needs of NZ, not all this micro BS around the edges…
    If you don’t sort stuff this year, we are going to hell in a hand basket quicker than lightening