Caesar Michael Williams facing court for Drunk Driving

Oh dear me look at what Michael Williams has been hiding from councillors as he makes his powerplay to dump Adele White from the Deputy Chair role at the Howick Local Board.

"This is where the alcohol rehab centre is going. You can be patient number one."

“This is where the alcohol rehab centre is going. You can be patient number one Michael”

A local politician from a leafy, well-to-do village has been charged with drink-driving and refusing to accompany a police officer.

Michael Williams, a chartered accountant and the Howick Local Board chairman, faces a defended hearing at the Manukau District Court on March 1.

Williams was charged after the roadside incident in May but has kept the matter from his board members amid his bid to replace deputy chairwoman Adele White, who is also a senior police constable.

Williams is charged with being more than twice the legal limit with a reading of 169ml of alcohol per litre of blood, and refusing to accompany a police officer in Auckland on May 10.

For a so-called pillar of the community those are serious charges. Particularly refusing to accompany a police officer…which is polite legal speak for “got himself arrested”. The penalty for that is up to a $4500 fine as determined by the court

What is interesting too is Michael Williams thought he would be able to keep a defended hearing secret. Though quite how you defend a blood alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit is beyond me.

One of his little band of helpers who were seeking to knife Adele White, Steve Udys also has an interesting turn of phrase:

“What I would say is he has been a little bit silly but that has nothing to do with Adele not being the right person for the job. He may have a Caesar complex but we have to live with that,”

Caesar? More like Mussolini. I wonder if Udys will now act like Brutus and knife him on the way to the meeting. Steve Udys thinks that this issue has nothing to do with Adele White, he is wrong. His contention is that Adele White is too busy to fulfil the role of Deputy Chair. Each of those board members seeking to unseat Adele White should now ask themselves how a person with a full time senior role in a company, who is facing charges on drunk driving and failing to accompany a police officer (arrested, in other words) can possibly remain on the board, let alone chair the meeting. This isn;t a couple of beers over the limit either, this is twice the legal limit. It isn;t like Michael Williams hasn’t had problems with the bottle before.

A drunk driving, arrest resisting, board member with a Caesar complex isn’t someone we really want representing us is it?


Adele White teaches kids how to be safe on the road.

Michael Williams teaches kids how to be a drunk driver on the road.


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  • Gazzaw

    No relation to Andrew Williams I suppose?

    • Yeah what is it with people with the surname of Williams, local body politics and booze

    • tarkwin

      I had a bet with a mate that Andrew Williams wouldn’t last a year in Parliament without cocking something up and getting the boot. Cost me a box and I had to promise not to say anything bad about him till the next election. I shall now bite my tongue and find another subject.

  • Time For Accountability

    Another Pillar of the Community in the NZICA camp.

    I Quote from the NZICA Website

    Our mission

    Our mission is to enable our members to excel in
    the accounting profession and be trusted leaders in the wider business

    We see our mission as providing the services and support our members need to be successful while acting in the public interest.

    We expect to see members not only leading the profession, but the
    wider business community, whether it is the business of academia, the
    business of running a charitable organisation or the business of
    government. It is our job to enable members’ success not just
    individually but corporately through our regulatory functions and
    professional standards monitoring

    • Callum

      Quite a high likelihood of him getting booted, and they tend not to supress names for disciplinary matters.

  • Dumrse

    I suspect this will change the tone of the meeting somewhat. I’m now eagerly waiting your post meeting report.

  • Stuart Dumphries

    This so-called powerplay looks like it was implemented by someone on tequila.

    Who on earth would draw attention to themselves with an aggressive move against a deputy when they were facing charges for drinking and driving, PLUS resisting arrest (which is an issue that should trigger resignation from public office).

    That meeting tomorrow might involve the resignation of a board member, but not the one whose name is on the motion submitted.

    • Tiddlywinks players shouldn’t play chess

      • Dave

        And “williams in politics” should NOT drink. Perfect story here for Truth, perhaps a weekly one pager on Stupid Pollies of the week.

  • If Facebook is anything to go by this morning it seems the support for Mr Williams is about to fall out from under the floor more and more as each hour of this saga goes on.

    A respected and intelligent person in a Chair’s role would stand down and go onto garden leave until the mess is sorted.

    However last I looked (looks over his shoulder) this is not a “perfect” world…

    • Stuart Dumphries

      How is he going to get around Howick to events, resource consent situations, local issues and more when he doesn’t have a drivers license?

      • How else – Len’s public transport system – perfect example :P

        (irony alarms I know)

  • Marc Williams

    Heh, (alleged) resisting arrest is the typical ruse of the bully – “I’m going to do what I like because I’m more important than you.” It says all you need to know about this “man.”
    Get rid him while you can would be my advice.

    (PS. The “alleged” is only for legal purposes.)

  • Dave

    I sincerely hope someone at the meeting Demand that Mr Williams seriously needs to explain what is going on with his offending, and it is simply not good enough, and NOW suggest his wanting to dump Adele White has more to do with her being a Police Officer, and his total hatred of Authority/Police. That begs the question, was she involved in the arrest or forthcoming case against Williams, or did he cosy up to her and say get these charges dropped or your for the knife.

    Final point, with so many very important meetings to attend in his role as Chair, how will Mr Williams (Esquire & Prat) drive to and from them without his license. With the facts now on the table, should Adele and her followers now call for Williams to resign if the charge of Drink Driving and/or Resisting Arrest is proven.

    I commend Adele White for not dropping this bombshell, obviously she has integrity!!

    • In reply to Williams getting around without a licence (and yep repeated it above to another comment):

      How else will Williams get around with no Licence: – Why Len’s public transport system as perfect example and ambassador :P

      (irony alarms I know)

    • I understand the arrest was in South Auckland. highly unlikely that Adele was involved in the arrest and by all accounts she knew nothing about the charges and is as stunned as the rest of the board.

    • Dumrse

      That’s interesting, how do you know Adele did not drop this bomb shell ?

      • Dave

        Well, she didn’t stand up at a public meeting and ask him. Obviously I cant be 100% sure, but past form is a great indictor of current and future Modus Operandi. Take a look through their history.

        Who would you trust with your bottle of whiskey, your car, your wife/partner, your children and your local community etc………

        Williams or White. Agree, no contest.

        Lets see if Lying Len has the balls to make a stand and even though he says he does not get involved in local board affairs, he could EASILY state.

        “Elected Members need to be a respected member of their community, have integrity and be beyond reproach. Unfortunately the affairs surrounding Mr Williams have brought his integrity and that of his role as Chair into disrepute, not becoming of a representative of the people, or for someone in a position to represent ratepayers on a local board, and essentially the Chair needs to set the local standards, and lead by example, I therefore ask Mr Williams to step down from his role immediately pending the outcome of the charges, and resign immediately should he be found guilty or any form of censure be recorded by the courts.” “This is not about individuals, its about integrity, our local communities, and simply having and living by the highest standards of personal behavior, being a good citizen, and setting the standards for others to follow.”

        Come on LEN!!! LEAD – Set the scene, set the example, demand appropriate behavior, don’t be COMPLICIT in allowing this drunken disruptive bullyboy behavior. SEND a CLEAR message to all the Greater Auckland communities, citizens and Boards. Lead Len Lead. GEEZ Len, if you came out with something like that, your popularity would rise. A lot.

    • david kinniburgh

      “his wanting to dump Adele White has more to do with her being a Police Officer, and his total hatred of Authority/Police.” This doesn’t fly. I understand his preferred choice of replacement is Jim Donald, ex NZ Police and Howick Town Crier

  • Hey a thought came to mind: Isn’t Williams C&R? If so and with the amount of flak this could now cause C&R (seeming the Herald as well as here running with this saga), shouldn’t the C&R leadership team be giving Williams “advice” before this really takes legs and sprints?

  • Familiar surname for a piss-head local body politcian, are they related?

  • Cadwallader

    Perhaps he ought visit Melbourne and dig-up some shit on himself?

    • wrong Michael Williams

      • Cadwallader


  • Orange

    Three of the men in the photo are sitting down. The one second from right is actually standing up.

  • Patrick

    Anyone who willingly sits at a table with Len Brown is a clown

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  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    I hope you will be at the meeting.

  • People in glass houses……..