Calling the Slowly Sinking Tabloid out for crap reporting

The alarming lead headline and story in today’s SST is nothing but a media beat-up. And who has started this beat-up and “froth”… one Lucy Craymer and Charles Anderson.

Let’s take a real look at the issue.

Thanks to Lucy Craymer’s scaremongering of the worst kind, she has placed New Zealand’s global reputation at risk. Lucy is the stringer for the Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal in Wellington.

Here’s a picture of her for the thousands of farmers who now have their livelihoods at risk and for the hundreds of thousands of Kiwis that have employment thanks to New Zealand’s agriculture sector.


Her use of the word “toxic” for labelling fertilisers containing DCD in her story to the WSJ suddenly has the world up in arms about New Zealand’s leading exports. It’s a classic case of creating a panic with an overseas media outlet, then getting her mate Charles Anderson to run it in NZ saying the world is now concerned.

If there was ever a case of media OTT this is it. Lucy Craymer creates a story, and then passes it her young mate Charles Anderson who has only been with Fairfax for a year. You may recall the sensationalist article by Charles Anderson that appeared (no doubt thanks to Lucy Craymer) in The New York Times slagging off New Zealand’s international reputation. These two are great patriots and clearly don’t like New Zealand.

Lucy Craymer seems to forget that it is physically impossible to drink enough milk to get anywhere near the chance of being affected by DCD. You’d have to knock back 130 litres of milk or chuck back 60kg of milk powder to even reach the acceptable daily intake. You’d drown first, but Lucy Craymer doesn’t seem to fussed by this. By Lucy Craymer’s standards other toxic substances would be black pepper, water, tea, coffee, lollipops and chocolate with extreme doses – may be she’s gunning for these as well.

New Zealand doesn’t need two young churnalists frothing up a story that attacks this country’s global reputation.


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  • DLM

    Next time Lucy tries to interview a farmer or seek an interview with Fonterra I’d love to be a fly on the wall. How’s the line “Fuck off Lucy Craymer” sound?

    • Or, Fuck off Lucy Craymer. Your last interview on NZ’s primary industry was nothing but a two woman circle jerk.

  • Hillary Green

    Thanks to this young reporter, the world is now suspicious of New Zealand’s main exports. Thank you very much. I hope you’re happy that you have managed to further destroy this country’s reputation in the eyes of the world. And all so that you get some air-time on the TV and WSJ. This type of reporting makes me quite mad.

    Thanks WO for exposing the person who was behind this story.

  • steve and monique

    Guess the day of checking facts before printing was the class this stupid women missed when studying to be a reporter/journo. Thanks,and I hope the bonus cheque you get is your final pay.

  • Phar Lap

    Yes that is bad enough.When i read that that fat useless Lie-bour Party list MP Clayton Cosgrove also jumps on the band wagon,i wonder why we pay blood suckers like that $200k a year to score political points off the National Party.He dosn’t seem to be concerned our TEN BILLION DOLLARS worth of milk earnings are in jeopardy,with his dog in the manger gutter political point scoring.Hope the other Maori ass licker Shearer puts a muzzle on his rottweiler head.

    • Phar Lap

      Hoping for a retraction from the economical sabotage ,or financial treason ,visited on NZ by Two newspaper cub reporters,and a Lie-bour Party list MP out of his depth and long past his use by date,long expired.

  • LionKing

    Well done Lucy and Charles, next time you’re sitting around at a Wellington pub laughing about how smart you are, you can be assured that there will be people looking at you with disgust. Your efforts have caused immeasurable fraught within the farming sector, have caused MFAT and other officials to have to suddenly fight another fire and have actually played into the hands of the US farmers that seek to prevent NZ produce from being successfully exported. Yes, well done indeed.

    • muffinmclay

      Shes a stupid bitch and deserves some twitter love @Lucy_Craymer

      • Red

        Nice work ha ha

  • David Broome

    Totally irresponsible. The fact is 500 farms applied DCD’s out of 12000. It was only detected due to sophisticated testing and that speaks volumes about the nuttiness spouted by some about contaminants in milk. The last DCD was applied in Spring and any delay was down to a. The new testing technology and b. the need to verify. Why cant reporters call than spout opinions that cause damage.

    • parorchestia

      And it isn’t toxic! It just isn’t notified, so it was a bureaucratic listing problem, not a public health problem.

  • Greg

    What a stupid girl, no doubt a green taliban supporteR.

  • Mr_V4

    Tell this silly cow to get a science degree.

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  • There needs to be a campaign or mechanism put in place to hold journos et el who do things like this to account with server penalties if found guilty. Now free speech is paramount…BUT….irresponsible damaging speech must have some kind of disencentivising penalty feedback availble to disuade this sort of gross stupidity occuring for the sake of a story. Cam….as the editor of Truth is there a way that you, with the backing of the rest of us, institute a “fact checking public court” of sorts that will reign this shit in..? Ideas from anyone how to do it? It needs to fully respect the individuals right of free speech while empersising that how you have used that speech will be scrutinised against the objective facts of the matter concerened and public/social sanctions will be directed towards guilt parties who infringe..

    • Prince

      There is a mechanism. it’s called cancel your subscription and NEVER buy a copy. Tell your friends to also. It works.

    • Blair Mulholland

      It’s called defamation law. Fonterra should sue her and bankrupt her, and that will be that.