Calls for bans to booze in wake of idiots doing dumb shit?

People who are drunk do stupid things all the time. There are calls to ban airguns after Darwin intervened yet again and removed a fool from the gene pool:

Police are warning that airguns are powerful and potentially deadly weapons, following the death of an Auckland teenager.

An 18-year-old has died after being shot in the abdomen with an airgun at an Auckland address last night.

A group of five friends were shooting cans in the backyard of the property at a Manurewa address, as well as drinking alcohol, when the teenager was shot, police told ONE News.

The youth was given medical treatment at the scene, with the assistance of neighbours, before being taken to Middlemore Hospital. 

He died in hospital shortly after arriving.

At this stage, police say there is no evidence to suggest the shooting was intentional.

“It looks like they were having some target practice with some cans at the rear of the property,” said Detective Inspector Dave Lynch.

“We are unsure exactly how much alcohol had been consumed. They certainly were drinking,” he said.

The cause of death is not the airgun, it is the drunk fools using firearms while under teh influence of alcohol. Let’s see calls for booze to be banned because stupid people do dumb things while under its influence.


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  • Dumrse

    “The cause of death is not the airgun,…” I dont see anything in there about him dying from alcohol poisoning.

    • I see some people were killed by cars recently. Ban Cars.

    • Go read the article AND post again or go learn some basic Queen’s English.

      The gun did not kill the person, the stupid idiot who had been drinking that handled a loaded air gun with the safety off killed the person.

      However in saying that were there any sober people at that house knowing what was going on? If so they could be held just as responsible for not intervening and preventing the situation too…

      • Ronnie Chow

        So , does cancer kill a person ? Or does a person kill themselves with their own cancer ?

        • Cancer kills the person.

          Reason: Cancer is deemed natural and biological, it is also something we have no utter control over due it being natural and biological

          A gun and manufactured alcohol are pieces of technology which we do have control over. Something else we have also control over is making rather informed decisions which ever way they turn out.

          Those idiots made an “informed” decision to go on the turps to the point of getting well fucked faced. We all know what happens when one or more people gets fuck faced, it usually equals a bloody disaster somewhere.

          Result, a pile of thick arsed shits consciously decided to get fuck faced which then led to the series of events to the shooting and now we have a person dead because of their utter stupidity in making their informed decision (which was again getting fuck faced). In short, because of their informed decision to get fuck faced (you have to be beyond retarded not to know what excessive consumption of alcohol does to you) everything else happened as pure cause and consequence of the original action (chain reaction I believe its caused)

          As for cancer, we can not kill ourselves with cancer – it is basically called what is – a fact of life – a fact of nature to which no informed decision of ours can control (now I said cancer – not catalysts that CAUSE cancer)

          • Ronnie Chow

            You are right . Cancer is a parasite .

    • Mr_Blobby

      No Dumrse the cause of death was stupidity.

    • Ford

      maybe the slug made a hole in him and he drowned on the overflow

  • Macca

    The people calling for the banning of alcohol/guns etc are arguably as stupid as those involved! Its not the fault of the booze/weapon, its the lack of personal responsibility taken by the users – which is something the left are continually trying to take from us all!

  • Pissedoffyouth

    “Huehuehue hey bro, lets stand in front of Jeff while he shoots the gun”

  • Jimmie

    I for one would rather see a ban on the really cause of these incidents – stupidity.

    Can we please ban all forms of stupidity with anyone caught being stupid being sentenced to 2 weeks in the stocks – much better methinks.

    • Morrissey

      Jack Dee has something to say about stupid people having stupid accidents….

    • blokeintakapuna

      Sue Bradford legislated against it – ironic really eh

  • A_random_reader

    Your blaming of the victim is pretty distasteful.

    Darwin awards are for people that cause harm to themselves. This story is about a person who was shot by another person at a party – how is that the fault of the victim?

    • manuka416

      You can’t absolve the victim of personal responsibility just because you feel sympathetic towards them. The victim chose to be part-of/around a group mixing alcohol with firearms (yes, air guns are firearms). The victim is at fault in the same way as a teenager who chooses to be a passenger in a vehicle driven by his drunk mate. Stupid choices.

    • Mr_Blobby

      There were 5 contestants for the Darwin award, think of it as a game of musical chairs, then the music stopped.

    • We are meant to be the most intelligent species God gave breath to, yet these five candidates showed the absolute reverse.

      Animals will remove themselves from danger or a potentially dangerous situation – that is a give

      Humans, we too have the capacity to (as a safeguard) remove ourselves from the situation.

      However the following occurred:

      Informed Choice to get drunk – so all comprehension of safety is now gone

      Handle air gun that is loaded and with safety off while drunk – all comprehension from the core instinct that would say either “Remove yourself from the danger zone” or “Extreme caution needed because the gun is loaded” is gone

      Participate through witness or actual doing of discharging firearm while drunk – again logical and core instinct to remove yourself from danger is gone

      Being possible sober and knowing full well that you are in danger because a drunk is holding a loaded weapon – but choose to do nothing about it. Well then sorry you are asking for it now aren’t you

      Teenager getting into car with a drunk driver knowing the absolute risks = same moron level as the drunk driver for starters getting in, second not intervening (using a different analogy)

      Result of all this – well someone is dead due to poor decision making…

  • manuka416

    Tragedy born of stupidity. You can’t absolve the victim of personal responsibility just because they are the victim. The victim chose to be part-of/around a group mixing alcohol with firearms (yes, air guns are firearms). The victim is at fault in the same way as a teenager who chooses to be a passenger in a vehicle driven by his drunk mate. Stupid choices.

  • starboard

    South Auckland…shock horror..

  • Mr_Blobby

    Having worked doors in South Auckland I personally think the cause of death was stupidity brought on by alcohol.
    As the level of alcohol rises the IQ drops markedly. More so in areas where you have several generations of inbreeding. They tend to start at stupid and then take it down to a whole new level.
    We should be doing everything possible to help nature and darwinism by ensuring every home has at least 1 air riffle. It may help slow down the inevitable march to a Nation of retards, sickness beneficiaries and unfordable welfareism..

  • redeye

    The only real issue here is whether to build an Israeli type wall around South Auckland so innocents don’t get hurt by the collateral.

  • Zeb

    What kind of morons mix alcohol and guns? Or shoot any kind of gun in a built up area? They had it coming to them.

  • blokeintakapuna

    I wonder if any underage drinking was happening? Will the parents be liable for criminal offenses involving firearms? I bloody well hope so!!

  • Bunswalla

    I still vividly remember playing Mission Impossible 40 years ago, well before paint-ball had arrived in NZ. My mate had a BSA Meteor .177 air-rifle, spring-loaded and it took a few seconds to reload after letting one off. The person with the gun had to defend an area of bush, and 3 or 4 of us put two pairs of jeans on each, and had to tackle him. No shots above the waist and if you got pinged you were out of the game (but your mates then had a chance to storm the position).

    If you got a graze it was fine, but if you got pinged in the thigh or buttocks it hurt like 40 bastards, but only for a minute. Fuck, it was a lot of fun, and nobody lost an eye.

    • manuka416

      I’m a bit soft. We only used bits of orange peel in our .177s for war-games when I was a kid.

    • Tom

      I’ve got a mk3 BSA Meteor .177 myself, It’s claimed stacks and stacks of Indian Mynahs, and 5 or 6 possums. The possums were only ever pretty close range, 10-12m. But one sometimes two in the head (always sighted at 15m so bang on every time) and it’s game over. No bloody way I’d ever get in front of it! Air rifles should always be treated as a firearm, no exceptions. Pretty silly thing to live the rest of your life with one eye, or have to get a pellet fished out of a lung/stomach/spine.

      Having said that, it has been souped up ever so slightly. Ron Young at Young’s Airguns: great guy, cheap at twice the price :)

    • Hazards001

      I still have one, here’s a pic of it I took just for you. It must be at least 60 years old now, it was my Uncles and was given to me by him when I was 10 and is in perfect working order. The stock was replaced about 40yrs ago as it got damaged and is from a .22 rifle. No idea what type it was done by a gunsmith in Invercargill before I was given it.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I like my booze, hands off my booze.
    Ban stupid people instead