Can he move on somewhere that he doesn’t coach the Blackcaps?

Mike Hesson is a tool, he should emigrate again:

Mike Hesson quit his last international cricket coaching job because of the bombs going off around him. The bombs these days are of a considerably different nature but no less noticeable.

Controversy has followed the New Zealand coach for most of his short tenure since being appointed to take over from John Wright in July. If he was looking for more ‘security’ in his role following his last gig, it was sadly misplaced. 

Hesson quit as coach of Kenya 11 months into his two-year contract after his young family fell victim to an attempted car-jacking and a grenade exploded near their house in Nairobi. It was an entirely understandable move – Kenya’s capital is referred to Nairobbery for good reason.

“There were a number of challenges – dealing with administration and tribal issues and, obviously, security,” Hesson said last year. “Some of those experiences were great, some not so good, but certainly very valuable.”

He’s likely to see the experiences of the last six months as valuable as well – it seems his nature – and he hasn’t wavered in his belief that he can coach at the top level and improve a New Zealand side that is at one of its lowest ebbs in history.


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  • In Vino Veritas

    The guy needs to be given a chance. He’s inherited a team that was underperforming woefully when he got it and should be given an opportunity to improve the team. Not that John Wright was given the same opportunity. Justin Vaughan laid the ground work for this debacle and we don’t hear his name bandied about when reasons why are discussed.

  • Patrick

    Put Zac Guildford in charge, then they can all get on the piss & knock nine bells out of each other – would be way more entertaining than watching these tossers attempting to play cricket.