Can’t wait for the Herald and Fairfax to try this here

As traditional dailies continue to bleed cash out of their collective arses they are reacting in sometimes stupid ways.

But then again you can;t hardly blame them for their stupidity…they are watching their out-dated business model fall down around their ears.

However this is a special kind of stupid attempt to arresting falling revenues.

This year the Irish newspaper industry asserted, first tentatively and then without any equivocation, that links -?just bare links like?this one– belonged to them. They said that they had the right to be paid to be linked to. They said they had the right to set the rates for those links, as they had set rates in the past for other forms of licensing of their intellectual property. And then they started a campaign to lobby for unauthorised linking to be outlawed.

These assertions were not merely academic positions. The Newspaper Industry (allthese?newspapers) had its agent write out demanding money. They wrote to Women?s Aid, (amongst others) who became our clients when they received letters, emails and phone calls asserting that they needed to buy a licence because they had linked to articles in newspapers carrying positive stories about their fundraising efforts.

These are the prices for linking they were supplied with:

1 ? 5 ?300.00
6 ? 10 ?500.00
11 ? 15 ?700.00
16 ? 25 ?950.00
26 ? 50 ?1,350.00
50 + Negotiable

They were quite clear in their demands. They told Women?s Aid ?a licence is required to link directly to an online article even without uploading any of the content directly onto your own website.?