Saturday General Debate


Also a caption contest.

But really…who is sick of the Kim Dotcon parade and felching by supposed journalists. Hells teeth one NBR journalist even writes articles dropping the Dotcon part and just calling him Kim.

A few whinging carping little known bloggers are also moaning about how Twitter is treated…check out who they follow, who they interact with and then you will realise just where their sympathies lie…once you start looking it is quite revealing…


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  • Andrei

    Suddenly when it comes to “boy buggering” and the alleged “boy buggerers” are tory ex cabinet ministers, looking into it ” risks becoming gay witch-hunt”

    • They are probably catholic

    • Phar Lap

      Or even inhabitants of Kaitaia.Seems a lot of non Catholics in that part NZ are into kiddie fiddling.

      • Teachers, Catholics, Scout leaders…all probably good account holders of Megaupload

    • Ronnie Chow

      Some of the reasons why gay men became priests are obvious and simple; others are not. Becoming a priest, first of all, seemed to solve the problem of not wanting others to know that you were queer. As a priest, you could be celibate, or unmarried, and everyone would understand the reasons. It was because you had a vocation; you had been called by God, had been specially chosen by him. For other boys, the idea of never having sex with a woman was something they could not even entertain. For you, such sex was problematic; thus you had no blueprint for an easy future. The prospect, on the other hand, of making a vow in holiness never to have sex with a woman offered you relief. The idea that you might want to have sex with men, that you might be ‘that way inclined’, as they used to say, was not even mentioned, not once, during that workshop in which everything under the sun was discussed.

  • bottomless box arouses happiness.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    So I heard England took Jacinda burgers off the shelves – if you buy cheap meat then what do you expect?

  • starboard

    ” Wow! “…” a double ended rabbit with vibrating beads, anal stimulater and clitty tickler..thanks honey!”

  • Pete George

    The Exclusive Comrades? ‘Eddie’ has launched another leadership play at The Standard. Be very skeptical about the movers and the motives behind this.

    Anonymous bloggers working for either party leadership, or an anti leadership faction, makes a mockery of Labour Party members wanting more openness and honesty within their party. It’s Labour Party members pissed on again.

    • Yes I see that…I have had no indication from my Labour sources that Shearer is intending to do that. I think it is a play to try to force him to do exactly that.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    “Wow, all wrapped up like a brand new one!”