Caption Contest: Vladimir Putin talks to a boy in church

What did Vladimir Putin say to the boy?



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  • Gayguy

    “If you don’t behave yourself I’ll give you to the priest”.

    • nasska

      By the look on the poor little bugger’s face it’ll be the second time.

    • Dion

      Hey comrade, stay away from the man in the cassock.

  • Redneck

    Beware of predatory homosexuals in black robes or Scout uniforms.

  • Troy

    JC ain’t coming.

  • maninblack

    “Your mum looks pretty in pink”

  • stinkeye2

    Looking at the picture on the right, it looks like mum’s being grabbed from behind.

    Maybe he said “We’re taking your mum – keep quiet and don’t turn around or you’re next”

  • tarkwin

    I’m taking you to Dargaville for our honeymoon. Is that a bit harsh? Forgive me it’s my first day back.

  • Andrei

    He said: “Христос родился”

  • toby_toby

    “Da, the boy is weak”

  • Mark

    КГБ ищем для вас

    • Michael

      В Советской России, церковь и государство не являются отдельными – мы оба мудак ты!

  • Hill

    “One day, little one, your parents will die. Then you will die. Mother Russia will not survive. The sun shall explode. The stars will go out… I will not die.”

  • cows4me

    “would you like to see me take my coat and shirt off?”

  • MarcWills

    Упознајте ме касније иза олтарске дечака, а ја ћу ти дати срце. Али то је наша мала тајна.

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