Catholic Church reinstates predator priest

The Catholic Church in Australia has reinstated a predator priest after giving him 18 months gardening leave. He preyed on vulnerable adults not kids, so he gets reinstated. If it was kids he had been rooting then they would have quietly moved him on and said nothing.

A leading Australian priest who sexually preyed on a disabled and vulnerable woman on Sydney’s north shore for 14 years has been allowed to return to preaching and running community groups at one of the nation’s busiest churches.

The recent decision by the Catholic Church to allow Father Tom Knowles to return to full duties at St Francis’ in Melbourne’s central business district after about 16 months of “administrative leave” has outraged his victim and victims’ groups. 

Father Knowles’s reinstatement comes after the church apologised to Jennifer Herrick, paid her $100,000 in compensation and acknowledged “the harm that can be caused to vulnerable people in such a case”.

Ms Herrick’s story highlights a rarely exposed facet of church abuse: vulnerable adult parishioners who are targeted by their priest for a sexual relationship.

While the case falls outside the royal commission on child sex abuse because she was 22 when the sexual relationship began, her lawyer, Peter Karp, said: “The adult victims [of clergy abuse] are voiceless victims.”

Psychologists say such relationships may be compared with those in which doctors have sex with vulnerable patients, while a professor of theology at the Australian Catholic University, Neil Ormerod, believes there may be hundreds of similar cases yet to emerge.

Once again the moral arbiters of society have failed.



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  • disqus_wMsITO4Q42

    You sound surprised. They’ve been doing this for centuries (and mostly getting away with it).

  • Jimmie

    Yes. Its kinda funny that Andrei & Lucia who are so pro marriage support a church that forbids it to its own clergy.

    However the same church makes these clergy take confession from parishioners who obviously share their various vices in vivid detail.

    No wonder many of the same clergy end up turning into sexual deviants.

    Also the celibacy requirement for clergy is surely going to attract men who have issues finding a woman in the real world.

    A few simple changes in Catholic dogma would sort out most of this crap.

    1 Let priests get married.
    2 Get rid of the confession box.
    3 Any priests that do abuse get the boot and reported to the police – no exceptions.

    This would send the pedoes leaving in droves and hopefully would protect the ordinary church members from exploitation.

    It won’t happen though – the catholic church sees itself as infalliable and what ever the head hairy says is to be taken as gospel.

    • Andrei

      1 Let priests get married.

      2 Get rid of the confession box.

      3 Any priests that do abuse get the boot and reported to the police – no exceptions.

      Just to enlighten you –
      (1) it is only the latins who don’t ordain married men – my church does and posts them a parish priests

      (2) Never happen and I’m not sure why this would help

      (3) In this case a crime hasn’t been commited so there is nothing to report to the police and when it comes down to it this is a common enough circumstance in the secular world where married doctors and so forth take advantage of their clients.

      My take, given the facts as reported the guy should have been defrocked or sent to a monastry to repent for the rest of his natural…..

      • Rodger T

        Fascinating insight into your mind ,Andrei.

        When Ms Herrick turned 22, Father Knowles, who was then 30, unexpectedly
        initiated intercourse with her, an act she describes as unpleasant and
        painful but one she felt powerless to stop because of his position. It
        was the first time Ms Herrick had had sex.

        In other words Rape, and your response

        In this case a crime hasn’t been committed so there is nothing to report to the police

        I would suspect you may have a different reaction if this was your daughter.

        You can keep your morally repugnant religion.

        • Dumrse

          Are you there Andrei ? Lets see a response to this post …..

  • Mitch82

    With a bit of luck, those crying about an anti-Catholic campaign might see our point for once.

    Fucking disgusting, the Australian commission can’t come soon enough.

  • Ronnie Chow

    That’s the social equivalent of putting the Beast of Blenheim on the counter at McDonalds !.

  • Lion_ess

    Just another day BAU at the Catholic church, although Father Knowles is a bit queer in that he has targetted a disabled woman, rather than the usual predilection for prepubescent boys.
    It’s not shocking and it’s not news, it’s the Catholic church, folks.