Catholic Church to retain right to be homophobic bigots in Australia

The Catholic Church might be complicit in condoning and covering boy buggering but at least they will retain the right to continue to be homophobic bigots in Australia.

I wonder if the Catholic Church here will try lobbying for the same:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has assured religious groups they will have the ”freedom” under a new rights bill to discriminate against homosexuals and others they deem sinners, according to the head of the Australian Christian Lobby.

Under current law, faith-based organisations, including schools and hospitals, can refuse to hire those they view as sinners if they consider it ”is necessary to avoid injury to the religious sensitivities of adherents of that religion”. 

Ms Gillard has met Australian Christian Lobby managing director Jim Wallace several times, and he says she assured him ”she has no intention of restricting freedom of religion” when it comes to religious groups’ legal rights to discriminate in hiring and firing.

The Prime Minister said through a spokesman: “We don’t comment on discussions with stakeholders.”
Discrimination by religious organisations affects thousands of Australians. The faiths are big employers, and the Catholic Church in particular is one of Australia’s largest private employers.

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  • Mitch82

    Lucia’s latest diatribe is along the same lines in the UK CC – David Cameron stoush.

    • Rodger T

      The popes longtime “private secretary” ,I bet he is,I bet he is, wink ,wink ,nudge ,nudge. Gorgeous Georg …. its not a sin to be beautiful ,LoL.

      • To the pure all things are pure: but to them that are defiled and
        unbelieving nothing is pure; but both their mind and their conscience
        are defiled.

        • Gayguy

          Have you read the Bible yet and discovered the error of your hate filled ways? JC would be very upset with you to see how you crap all over his values Lucia.

          • Gayguy, Our Lord does not condone same-sex marriage. He never will. Those are not His values, as He wants something better for you than a relationship that cannot help you get to Heaven.

          • Gayguy

            Really. Care to point out where Christ states that homosexuality is wrong? It has to be Jesus Christ remember, new testament. I am waiting.

            And it will be a long wait, because Christ never does say homosexuality it wrong. Oh and his values are not yours. Your values are of hate, his are of love. So, I would suggest beore telling others how they should live their lives, you learn what your faith is actually telling you and stop perverting Christs word.

          • Gayguy,

            Our Lord never says cannibalism is wrong, either.

            Remember John 21:25 “But there were many other things which Jesus did; were every one of them to be written, I supposed the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.”

            So much that He did (and presumably said) was not written down because there was too much.

            Then there’s Matthew 5:17-20, which starts, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them …”

            We need to take into account revelation from the Old Testament. It was not abolished by Our Lord, instead He came to fulfill what has already been revealed.

            Christ was a practising Jew, and at that time, homosexuality was considered an abomination by the Jews, so there was no need for Him to spend a lot of time on it (if any) because they got the fact that God made man male and female, and that any other coupling was not permitted.

            I would recommend reading this article by Steve Ray for a fuller explanation than the one I have given.

          • Gayguy

            The prophets never condemned homosexuality either. The priests did.Temple law made by man, not by prophets.

            Oh and that was a rather pathetic attempt to justify your perverting of Christs word – cannibalism, oh dear.

            Yes Christ was a practising Jew, but remember he went against the leadership of the day.

            Oh and if you are wearing modern clothing, you cannot run around spouting off about how we must keep faith with the OT.

          • Rodger T


          • Now you are just being silly.

          • Sponge

            Religion is the refuge of the insecure.

        • Rodger T

          Oh Lucia ,you such an easy wind up.
          Straight into the cut and paste of holy platitudes.
          Here`s one for you , ” and verily the religious dreamers are unable to take a joke about their clown god” . I made that one up ,feel free to use it anytime you like.

  • Andrei

    LOL – Whale, employment decisions are between the employer and employee surely, you wouldn’t want the Government telling you you have to take on people according to the criteria of identity politics.

    • Mitch82

      Yet if I were to deny a person a job, telling them it’s because they’re Catholic, all hell would break loose.

      TBH I support this – it falls in line with my dream of owning an Athiest Fish & Chip shop with a big pink sign saying “NO CHRISTIANS”.

      • Orange

        with the sign presumably referring to those that run the shop

        • Rodger T

          I don`t know,I would imagine most fish are atheists.

          • Orange

            So you’re saying by analogy that all catholics are atheists and only the leadership are christians?

      • Alloytoo

        “Yet if I were to deny a person a job, telling them it’s because they’re Catholic, all hell would break loose.”
        A reasonability test that is so rarely applied.

      • Andrei

        Do it, and let your compeditors get the Christian turnover, its a free country

    • Morrissey

      With respect, Andrei, you’re horribly confused. It’s the Church that is practicing identity politics and discriminating against people.

      • Andrei

        With respect, Morrissey, it is you that is confused.

        When an employer wants to hire a empolyee they measure the candidate against their own criteria and discriminate between the candidates as to which one(s) best meet their criteria. The ones who don’t get hired have been discriminated against. This way the empoyer gets hopefully the employee that is the best fit for the role for which they are to be employed.

        Just because Gays are an officially recognized “victim group” they get special treatment? Phooey

        How about about extending victim group status to red heads huh

        • Mitch82


          Does anyone know of an Online Etch-A-Sketch I can use to explain discrimination laws to Andrei? I’m having trouble getting a ‘crayon effect’ in Photoshop.

          Your rights as a Church to tell a gay applicant that their sexual preference puts them out of the running is being protected. Considering the Church, as a business, makes more than most corporations, that’s a pretty nice little break for you guys – puts your “victim group” idea in the trash.

          If I asked applicants at a job interview to list their current religion, then told all the Catholics to have an average day and close the door on the way out, there’d be a pretty massive uproar.

          Now that’d be a “victim group” to behold.

    • So you are saying gay people can’t be catholic…or christian…since we know catholics aren’t christian.

      • Andrei

        Whale you know as well as I do that evrey day in this country people get turned down for jobs because they are too old, too fat, ugly, have ginger hair or are just a tofu eating git.

        And they have to suck on it, as we all do from time to time.

        But so called anti discrimination laws give losers a club to beat the turner down with, They can have a whine and go running to mummy STATE and get that mean old employer to give them the job. FFS

        In the real world people who send their five year olds to a catholic school would ideally like a nun in a habit up front in charge of the classroom and failing that , which is likely in these modern times alas, something that approximates that.

        And the school knows this and also knows thats the sort of person who would also be conducive to staff room harmony and so forth, in other words it works for everyone – everyone that is but the whiners who might given their way impose a tranvestite, or gay male upon the school as new entrants teacher.

        All this does is protect the school from being bullied into taking on someone who doesn’t belong there in the first place.

        • Andrei

          This is the sort of shit you end up with with “discrimination” legislation

  • Gayguy

    I actually believe that churches should have the right to say no to marrying someone if their beliefs say so.

    They have their set of rules etc… and if you want to be a part of their club then you need to follow their rules.

    That said, they cannot have it both ways. Their rules are their rules, not everyone else’s. So their definition of marriage should not be forced upon the rest of the country. Yes, let them have the right to say no, but let those who are not part of their club have the right to get married, because if you are not part of a club why should you be forced to follow their rules?

    • cows4me

      Good on you Gayguy but why should your definition of marriage be forced on the country?

      • Gayguy

        Equality under the law is a basic human right.

        • cows4me

          How is forcing gay marriage on society equality?

          • Gayguy

            Oh you silly people and your nonsense.

            It is marriage equality – all of us equal under the law. And given most of the country supports marriage equality, only haters are squealing.

          • cows4me

            “Most of the country supports marriage equality” , are you sure? I’m sure I could get a hundred gays to fill out silly computer polls all day, not that they would ever do that, would they :-) How bout a referendum, if the country is fine with gay marriage i guess us bigots will have to live with it, you game.

          • Gayguy

            Go for it.

            You get the numbers for a referendum.

          • cows4me

            No you get the numbers you the one pushing the agenda.

          • It isn’t compulsory…you won’t have to get your own gay marriage

          • cows4me

            Neither is ordinary marriage WO. Forgive me for been confused why would I want a gay marriage? The pricks around here drank enough piss when I married a woman, shit they would be on the top shelf if I turned all funny on them.

          • Why would oppose marriage equality?…it doesn’t affect you in any way

        • Hazards001

          Sez who? Equality has never existed and never will…unless your’e a socialist as well as…ahhhh..never probably are!

          • Gayguy

            We should work towards eliminating the negative parts of our society.

            Just because things will never be perfect doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to move closer to a better world.

          • Hazards001

            Equality and a better world…OK..let’s look at that…
            So if a white radio presenter calls a politician in another country a cheeky little darky he is stood down from his job and nearly fired;
            we have equality?
            But if a Maori politician in NZ calls white people “white
            mother fuckers” and nothing happens to him; we have equality?

            If a man belts a woman he is charged with male assaults
            But if a woman hits a man over the head with a beer bottle
            it is called a domestic incident….and recorded on the man’s file. Not the woman’s; we have equality?
            If I call you a nancy boy arse bandit with an Oedipus complex then I’m a red necked homophobic caveman.
            But if you call me a red necked homophobic caveman then I am;
            we still having equality?

            Equality? I guess it comes down to this. I am a father and a
            man and those are two things you can never be and you can wank on all you like about IVF and surrogate mothers but the truth is that only proves that queer is a lifestyle choice. Because if it was genetic it would have bred itself out hundreds of thousands of years ago!

            There is NO equality there is only perception and here is
            what I perceive- I am a minority. A straight, white male and a seventh generation kiwi that’s over 40 with a job. Shit..I hate me too…elitist bastard that I am!

            Do you know there is no Government Department that someone like me can go to? There is a dept. of youth affairs, one for women, one for Maori, one for those that won’t or can’t work and one for immigrants and of course the human rights lot that you obviously subscribe too that clearly if they saw me coming would throw rocks at me!

            Equality my arse.

          • Gayguy

            You are of the old establishment. The same establishment that made it a crime for me to be who I was born as.

            I feel no pity for you that the world is a better place for all people and not just for you.

          • Hazards001

            I didn’t make it a crime for you to be anything. I and people like me don’t give a damn what you are if you don’t hurt anyone else. You are just a whinnry little bitch. I can’t stand arseholes that go around making out they are big men because of how many women they claim to have scored either. I’m tired of people that wear their hearts on their sleeves all the time is all. And you are one of them! No one has ever seen me walking around in a Tee Shirt saying..Hetro and Proud…you make me sick. Not because you’re gay but because you think it makes you special!

    • BR

      Everyone already has equal rights. Every man has the right to marry one woman, and every woman has the right to marry one man. That is as it should be.


      • Gayguy

        No, we do not have equality.

        And please do not spout that homophobic bullshit abut gays can marry a woman.

        • BR

          Listen pal, I will post what I like when I like with or without your approval.

          I will not be told what I can and cannot post post by some poncy git. Cappiche?

          What the hell is wrong with you people? You can legally bugger you neighbour. Isn’t that enough?


      • cows4me

        Don’t confuse the lad BR, he has enough issues already.

  • thehawkreturns

    Until recently the West has not had too much to worry about here. Christian churches are usually very happy to hire atheists, Christians of other denominations and so forth as their accountants, office managers cleaners etc. Christianity is generally a tolerant world. Same for Jews. Catholics accept some levels of non conformity amongst their employees. Now then, how do you think this will play out at the South Auckland Islamic School? Or the Central Auckland Mosque? Exactly. I am happy to be tolerant and let employers choose and discriminate when such action is confined to particular religious roles as it makes sense. Why though, should we give a free pass to god-believers to break all the other discrimination rules with which everyone else must comply? Why must Woolworths comply but not Sanitarium? Why will the Catholics and Islamists be given a Licence to break the law when I, as an atheist, must employ god-believers without discrimination? I think the best defences the West can take are to cut out this tolerance of intolerance. As well as constitutionally defining Islam as as a threat to society.

  • Mostly_Harmless

    Good – that’s their right in a free society.