Charter School Opponents will ignore Sweden now

Four points from this research summary 

1. Growth of free schools has led to better high school grades & university participation, even accounting for other factors such as grade inflation.

2. Crucially, state school pupils seem to benefit about as much as independent school ones. When ‘bog standard comprehensive’ face new tougher competition, they shape up. They know they’ll lose pupils if they don’t. As the researchers put it: ‘these positive effects are primarily due to spill-over or competition effects and not that independent-school students gain significantly more than public school students.’

3. Free schools have produced better results on the same budget. Their success cannot be put down to cash. Or, as they say, ‘We are also able to show that a higher share of independent-school students in the municipality has not generated increased school expenditures.’

4. That the ‘free school effect’ is at its clearest now because we now have a decade’s worth of development and expansion.

[Full report ]

Will NZEI and PPTA show the integrity that good teachers expect from students – or will people like NZEI’s Paul Goulter continue to lie to the New Zealand public and try and deny parents the right to choose educational options for their children.

Given that this evidence was available in November of last year. Paul Goulter needs to retract this statement:

“We would go further and say that, based on overseas evidence, there are absolutely no benefits to be gained from charter schools.”

Are teachers really happy with this kind of representation?


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  • thor42

    Good stuff, WO!
    Teachersrock reply in 3….2….1……

  • Allyson

    NZEIs position has nothing to do with educational outcomes. Is all about patch protection for their Union members. If Labor party go along with this nonsense they deserve to be caned.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Great stuff Mr. WO. Refuting populist propaganda with facts will not only deflate or pop their propaganda balloon… but it also underlines and highlights what complete and utter bullshit those education unions spout… completely decimating the tattered remnants of what was their credibility on this subject.

    I’m sure the teachers aren’t happy with this compromised individual, representing them, spouting manufactured lies to fit the propaganda… and i’m fairly certain the parents like it even less… being treated as deaf, blind and stupid without a voice to question their motives and “robust” conclusions.

    Complete muppets! National should “threaten” them with laws that require on-going attempts at “continuous improvement” across all metrics. That will make them even more upset than the Auditor General wanting to investigate their “usual” finances and their obfuscating manner with how they fund the Labour Party…

  • Lily

    Schools hold a lot of promise for Maori. Customised to their opportunities
    exponential growth could well occur