Chicken Shit Assad Hides Behind Russia While He Kills His People

Bashar Hafez al-Assad the imaginary leader of Syria is now hiding off shore on a warship with security provided by the Russians. Assad only travels to the mainland by helicopter for important meetings now, because he doubts that his monkeys can keep him safe. This is akin to a lippy little snot in the school yard hiding behind his big mates when he is losing a fight. If/when his regime falls, he is likely to be given asylum by the Russians. 

Embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad has moved with his family and a select cadre of associates to a warship off Syria’s coast, where he is being guarded by Russian naval forces, a Saudi daily reported on Monday.

The Russian protection effectively amounts to political asylum for the Syrian president, unnamed intelligence sources told the Saudi daily al-Watan. Assad now travels by helicopter to mainland Syria for official meetings in his presidential palace in Damascus, having lost faith in his security detail, the report said.

Assad has grown increasingly entrenched in the 22 months since the start of a popular uprising that has called for his ouster and claimed the lives of over 60,000 Syrians, according to UN figures. Russia has remained the regime’s staunchest ally, vetoing international intervention at the UN Security Council.

The intelligence sources told al-Watan that Assad’s fear of opposition advances in the capital was among the reasons for his retreat to sea, which would allow for quick evacuation to Moscow if need be. – source

Pity he’s hiding behind his mates outside the fence and still throwing stones into the sandpit, there’s plenty of ways to knock on the door of a warship.



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  • Andrei

    If this is true and not some piece of propaganda designed to bolster the forces aligned against Assad – it is no cause to celebrate because while Assad is no angel what follows from him is going to be immeasurably worse.

    The forces of darkness are gathering

    • Timboh


    • M Collings

      Totally agree. Lets not be one eyed here. The Western forces in play here are honed on the glittering prize that is Iran and its Energy. Assad is just a conveniently useful dictator that assists the Western cause. Both sides are littered with merchants of death and destruction.

  • rouppe

    Agree with Andrei. Just look at the infighting in the north of Syria, and what a power vacuum has done in the north of Mali.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Medusa comes to mind…

    If a high velocity full metal Jacket solution is not possible by the SEAL’s – then surely a well placed, low-yield solution would also find justice…

  • cows4me

    Sooner or later the Russians will have to show their hand, their only naval port in the middle east is at Tartus in Syria. So if Syria falls to the rebels the port will go to, how much is Russia willing to invest to keep it?

    • Andrei


      • sandynobb

        Clutching at straws if you think Russia will be able to base ships there. The 19th c. dream of Russian imperialism in the Med is over.

        • Andrei

          Well who knows how things will play out, who knows?

          In the 19th century the British Empire vied with Russia in the “great game”. And where is the British empire now? Britain of course like Cyprus is a subject of the New European Empire, the fourth Reich, which is fading.

          Anyway Cyprus is broke and Russia has been taking a great interest in Cyprus in recent times, has bailed it out at least once and by the looks of it is about to again…….

          • sandynobb

            Cyprus is a murky banking haven for murky Russian billionaires. Cyprus is broke but it is unlikely to bailed out by the EU until the banking system is cleaned up.

          • M Collings

            Ahhh but you see there is the “wildcard” who’s name is China. The battlefield is large and not just the mid east. China can sit this out for a while yet and hope the West pulls its resources into evermore conflicts. Its no trifling co-incidence that China is testing the US ally Japan at the moment. Timing is everything.

  • sandynobb

    Putin and friend.

  • Gazzaw

    There’s also the issue of the oil & gas pipelines. Closure of those will mean more oil & gas will need to be transported by sea via the Gulf (read Straits of Hormuz) and give Iran an even better opportunity to tighten their grip on Europe’s industrial & financial cojones.

  • Hang him

    First I have heard of this has the MSM missed the boat again???

    • Travis Poulson

      Of course, they’re more interested in Flick the fire engine

      • Gazzaw

        …….and Sgt Schultz.

  • Patrick

    What’s in it for the Ruskies?