Chris Christie delivers brutal presser, lays into the GOP and Boehner

Chris Christie is a plain speaking politician, there are so few of them. I enjoy watching Chris Christie in full flight.

He is willing to flay his own team if needs be and that is a good quality to have…the ability to questions one’s own team.

Watch him flay the GOP:

“There is only one group to blame,” Christie said. “The House Majority and John Boehner.”

“Last night, the House Majority failed the basic test of leadership and they did so with callous disregard to the people of my state,” he said. “It was disappointing and disgusting to watch.”

“Shame on you, shame on Congress.”

Following his remarks, Christie doubled down on his criticism in a lengthy — and incredibly candid — press conference in which he laid into House Republicans for putting “palace intrigue” ahead of their actual jobs.

“Our people were played last night as a pawn…and that’s why people hate Washington, D.C.,” Christie said later. “They forget that we’re the ones who sent them there.”

Asked who he thought was responsible on the holdup over Sandy aid, Christie laid the blame entirely on Boehner.

“It was the Speaker’s decision — his alone,” Christie said, adding that he tried to reach Boehner four times, but that the Speaker did not take his calls until this morning.

“I won’t get into my conversation with [Boehner], but I will tell you there is no reason to believe anything they tell me.”


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  • Judith Collins could be this plain speaking politician for New Zealand. Go on Judith. Follow your instincts and dial it up a notch.

  • Now if that was not a political smack down from one your own to your own then I don’t know what would be.

    I am seeing across Twitter and the American news channels that Boehner is gone and The House is taking a vote for a new Speaker in the morning (their time).

    But as for GOP ineptness… good way of handing The House back to full Democrat control come 2014 Mid Terms if they carry that performance on (so you get a Democratic President, Senate and Representatives)

    Of a NZ story using “He is willing to flay his own team if needs be and that is a good quality to have…the ability to questions one’s own team.” I remember as a Young Nat when John Key was Leader of the Opposition (remember those days) telling the YN’s at the Brooklyn Bar to “critique” him and The Party and its policies if they are going in the wrong direction (to that extent)(and especially when in power)

    Well a stock take on that since 2008 and possibly Party Conferences if you extend that to “senior” level would reveal something somewhat different…

    Flay the National Party as Governor Christie did to the GOP would probably end you up as an outcast here…

    • And The House just reelected Boehner as Speaker…

      Okay so that is the equivalent of ridding us of our Education Minister then Parliament placing her back there as Education Minister – cute

      Ah well Democrat House Control 2014 here they come