Comment of the Day

On the Stuff article about John Key fainting:

I’d faint too if Hekia Parata was working for me

Meanwhile John Key can’t be all that sick he has continued on his trip to tick another item off his bucket list.

It was not known what caused his collapse.

“Sometimes faints just happen,” Mr Taylor said.

Mr Key is flying to Antarctica where he will be briefed on the Antarctic Research Institute’s activities before travelling to one of the premiere science spots in the Dry Valleys tomorrow.


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  • thor42

    WO – I’m sure you’ll get some great comments about the Stuff article on a tramping group. The Taranaki so-called “guardians” (and DOC) are moaning and bitching about a group of trampers who took a trampoline with them on a tramp to the summit of Pouakai in Taranaki. Apparently, it was “culturally insensitive” and DOC and the “guardians” would like to be “notified” if someone thinks of doing such a thing.
    Bollocks. They should get over themselves. That article would just make me want to climb to the summit of Pouakai and “jack off”.

  • Gee

    Thor….Too many staff,redundancies called for.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    JOYCE: Now Heka the new Head Of Department is a former civil servant held in high regard and with a reputation for getting things done smoothly. So If don’t get along with him its you fault.

    HEKA: I am committed to a paradigm shift in interpersonal interaction with my reports.

    JOYCE: How are getting on with that book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” I gave you to read?

    HEKA: I plan to optimise best practice communication to achieve mission critical outcomes.

    JOYCE: Sigh!

  • James

    The other diners all gasped – one commented “We thought the Nation was about to win the lotto”. Key is a corrupt little turd criminal and agent of the Crown – we would all be blessed if he kicked the bucket suddenly.