Cry Babies of the Day

Cry-Babies:?Greg Stechman and Lucy Haughey


The incident:?Flight cancellations because of gales in Cook Strait on Wednesday meant that more than 1000 passengers delayed or stranded.?Six Jetstar flights after 5pm were cancelled on services between Auckland and Wellington because of the severe winds. But unfortunately no one told the passengers.

The appropriate response: Quietly go and book on a reputable airline. Hide you head in shame that you even thought that Jetstar would be able to get you to your destination on time. It surely can;t come as a surprise that Jetstar was going to fail, best you STFU rather than let anyone know that you and your aprtner are dumber than a sack of hammers.

The actual response:?They run off to the media and pose with sad sack expressions on their face.

8141858“After almost two days of delays, Jetstar customers Greg Stechman and Lucy Haughey finally staggered into Wellington Airport, swearing never to fly with the airline again.

“I’m knackered,” Ms Haughey said.”

What a surprise.? Anyone who books a flight with Jetstar is a MUG.

What concerns me is that this is still news. Jetstar are simply the worst airline out there…why people still fly with them and expect to be delivered on time, or even at all to their booked destination is beyond me.

They should be mercilessly mocked for being so stupid in the first place and then proving their stupidity by running of to a desperate media.

I am now of the opinion that people who still fly Jetstar deserve all the shit that comes their way. There simply cannot be a living, sane human in New Zealand who isn’t aware of Jetstar’s ‘issues’…therefore they choose to suffer them…and hence why I contend that it isn’t news anymore.