Cry Babies of the Day

Cry-Babies: Greg Stechman and Lucy Haughey


The incident: Flight cancellations because of gales in Cook Strait on Wednesday meant that more than 1000 passengers delayed or stranded. Six Jetstar flights after 5pm were cancelled on services between Auckland and Wellington because of the severe winds. But unfortunately no one told the passengers.

The appropriate response: Quietly go and book on a reputable airline. Hide you head in shame that you even thought that Jetstar would be able to get you to your destination on time. It surely can;t come as a surprise that Jetstar was going to fail, best you STFU rather than let anyone know that you and your aprtner are dumber than a sack of hammers.

The actual response: They run off to the media and pose with sad sack expressions on their face.

8141858“After almost two days of delays, Jetstar customers Greg Stechman and Lucy Haughey finally staggered into Wellington Airport, swearing never to fly with the airline again.

“I’m knackered,” Ms Haughey said.”

What a surprise.  Anyone who books a flight with Jetstar is a MUG.

What concerns me is that this is still news. Jetstar are simply the worst airline out there…why people still fly with them and expect to be delivered on time, or even at all to their booked destination is beyond me.

They should be mercilessly mocked for being so stupid in the first place and then proving their stupidity by running of to a desperate media.

I am now of the opinion that people who still fly Jetstar deserve all the shit that comes their way. There simply cannot be a living, sane human in New Zealand who isn’t aware of Jetstar’s ‘issues’…therefore they choose to suffer them…and hence why I contend that it isn’t news anymore.


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  • Phar Lap

    Interesting Air New Zealand flew same route ,similar type of plane,yet cancelled no flights into Wellington.Seems Jet Star Pilots are, what is known as fair weather friends.Seems a pity ,as their airfares beat the hell out of Air New Zealand costings,or perhaps we all get what we pay for,third world service from an Australian owned airline.Maybe they are just carrying on the theme ,that NZs are just second class citizens,as being carried out on the Australian mainland,more pointed in Queensland.

  • SJ00

    Actually JetStar aren’t that bad now, they have more planes so they have less problems. Its when things do go wrong that the staff are sometimes less helpful. When work can get 3 people to Auckland and back for the price of a one way flight on ANZ, I think you can see why people fly with them.

    Having said that, people that bitch and moan to the media are scum. Why is it JetStar gets singled out when there is a problem? Every business has customers that don’t get the service they paid for, the goods they paid for, has something go wrong at some stage. Toyota has cars recalled to fix issues, why not line up customers with sad sack faces talking about how they don’t have a car for a few hours? Or the restaurant we went to last night where the mild curry that was ordered was at least a medium. Picture of mums sad sack face with her mouth open cos it was hot?

    And I bet these two douche bags do fly JetStar again, the reason they did in the first place is JetStar is alot cheaper than ANZ. And price will win 9 times out of 10. As a small example, this sat/sun a flight from wgtn to akl and back is $268 at its cheapest on ANZ or $80 on JetStar. When the benefits of flying on ANZ are a cookie and sip of water, is that worth $188? Nope.

    Further fucking more, if you read the article, ANZ also canceled flights. So the same problem. Plus JetStar gave $100 vouchers, accommodation etc for something that wasn’t there fault (weather, thats Nationals fault).

    At least JetStar have the balls to say, be there on time or the flight will leave without you. Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve sat on the plane on the gateway whilst ANZ repeatedly call some dumb arse passengers whose main priority is ordering their fucking latte and holding up the plane.

    • James Gray

      Shit, I don’t know how that John Key manages it, in between turning up at breakfast time at the houses of unemployed single parents with 15 children, and forcing them to eat cardboard, he somehow built and operates a weather changing machine as well…

      That guy must be a legend!

      • SJ00

        He is a legend. I’m waiting for the Scooby Doo mask reveal at the end of his tenure, it was the pesky evil janitor all along!

        I bet he employs doubles as well, no way he could visit all those houses and force the poor to be poor. Hes not Santa who can be everywhere at once…

    • Travis Poulson

      ” And price will win 9 times out of 10.”

      I wouldn’t go that far, some people prefer quality and reliability.Otherwise according to your calculation Jetstar would have 90% monopoly of the market.

      • SJ00

        Loyalty will go out the door for alot of people when it comes to price. And businesses. Case in point, my work is making us fly JetStar, where possible, over ANZ. Public money, people don’t like it when the same job (ie flying point A to point B) can be done for less.

        And JetStar will only get bigger. As I said they already have 2 more (I think, at least 1) plane on the Akl->Wgtn route. What they need is a couple of smaller planes to service the regional airports and ANZ will loose alot of its monopoly (JetStar obviously don’t fly to Napier, Invercargill, Taupo etc etc. Get on those routes and ANZ immediately loose their 100% monopoly on those flights).

        Well the point of the story was ‘evil JetStar canceled our flights, didn’t tell us what to was going on and (I forget the rest, its typical bullshit)’. I bet if the reporter tried hard enough, there would be ANZ passengers who could bitch and moan like these two fatties and put on sad faces. Its typical MSM reporting.. JetStar, every has a bad opinion of them, lets put the boot in. ANZ.. nah thats not a story. ANZ have canceled my flights before, should my first thought be to ring twat face at Fairfax and complain? Lets be honest, these two contacted the paper. Poor them. And price was an issue for them, otherwise they would have booked ANZ in the first place. This isn’t even fucking news. Its a story you tell your mates when you get home. At best.

    • Dave

      Oh SJ Go figure FYI I am a Air Nz gold elite frequent flyer (for another month) yet refuse to fly Jetstar The cost of cancelled flights and delays is too much, lost productivity costs businesses a lot more than a couple if bucks more to fly AirNZ. FYI I flew Auck-Wgtn several times a week last year as well as many other routes. On average Air Nz was competitive providing you didn’t want to take the peak time flight and could book 2 weeks or more ahead. Have your accountants cost the total cost of travel, AirNZ will work out cheaper if other factors such as delays extra accommodation and taxis are factored in.

      • SJ00

        I’m ANZ Gold (not Elite) and believe me I would fly ANZ when I could. I *tried* to refuse to fly JetStar but when the directive comes down from the top, you don’t get much choice.
        Having said that, I’ve been on JS now about 12 flights, and the only delay was when the tornado hit Auckland and closed the airport. As I said, I think they used to have alot of problems when there was 1 plane and 1 delay would through the whole day of flights out (delays usually caused by late passengers I might add). Nowadays, its alot better.
        Competitive and the cheapest sadly are two different things.
        And yip we have argued about lost time not being able to take the flights that suit our times etc etc. At the moment, the air travel column is down which is keeping the accountants happy (and the taxpayer I guess). All the other columns are up (hours charged due to coming home later in the day etc). But no one cares about that column (at the moment).
        Alot of my travel is fairly last minute (less than 2 weeks). I travel at least once a week, all over the gaff. And when we can get 3 return flights to Auckland (JS) for the price of 1 one way ticket to Auckland on ANZ, how do you as a taxpayer feel about that..? At least I accept my fate (JS) as it costs less to you. These two moaning dorks feel so hard done by they need to create news over it.

    • redeye

      Jetstar needs to spent more of their advertising budget with Fairfax.

    • Bunswalla

      SJ you’re wrong. Jetstar is a shambles, piling laughable flight schedule adherence on top of appalling service. Anyone that chooses to give them their money and expects to a) get where they want to go; b) get there on time, or c) get basic service when it inevitably turns to custard is a complete fucking moron, and deserves everything they get.

      The difference between what you get when you fly Jetstar, and what you get when you fly Air NZ, is a hell of a lot more than a cookie and a sip of water. For starters, you’ll get where you’re expecting to go, and as a businessman that’s incredibly important to me. I’ve never flown Jetstar and I never will.

      Air NZ’s service is 1,000 times better than Jetstar’s, and their prices are also affordable – you can fly between Wellington and Auckland every evening for $29 each way – makes Jetstar’s $80 return look pretty sick, especially when it takes them 2 days to get there.

      If you have all the time in the world to get somewhere and you really don’t care about service and don’t mind queuing for hours when the flight doesn’t go, and you don’t mind flying on dodgy planes that aren’t maintained, then go ahead – be my guest.

      • SJ00

        Mate with all due respect, if you have never flown JetStar what the hell are basing your comments on? Sad sack faces 1 and 2 above?

        I’ve had about 12 flights on JS vs over 200 on ANZ and so far no issues on JS. ANZ, been bumped and delayed, flights canceled (plane breaks down) and flights go back. Like I said, things are alot better now. Your basing your opinion on I dunno, reports from years ago?

        JS gives you the option to buy food and drink if you want. ANZ, cookie and water oh and that all important lolly at the end (seriously, they are good, they should make them for sale in shops!). If you can get on the afternoon flight at least ANZ give you the choice of a drink (of course you pay for it in the ticket).

        As a businessman you can fly for $29 each way (no bag), at 10pm at night, no access to Koru, get in at 11, get accomodation for the night. Waaaay cheaper. Seriously?

        Queuing? JS have a better loading system than ANZ, they open the front and the rear doors, plane loads in half the time. Planes not maintained? OK now you are just spouting shit.

        As I said, ANZ is my preferred choice, flying in Premium Economy or Business overseas is heaven and I’m not looking forward to being in cattle class on a flight later this year, but JS are not that bad. If you haven’t flown them, you really can’t talk can you. And trust me, I was the same as you, I had the lowest opinion of them, and once I flew on them, worked out they are not bad. Of course, I’m still expecting a shocker one day..

    • Bunswalla

      Another Jetstar cock-up. Maybe you will get where you’re going, but half your bags won’t…

      • SJ00

        Yeah that was pretty bad.. they must have dumped some serious cash onto JetStar to get that to happen.

  • Lofty

    Marjorie will be happily oblivious to,this situation, and having a nice cup of tea with her biscuit.

    • SJ00

      Haha, I might start carrying around a phone like hers and everytime JetStar make me late do a sad face, get my photo taken and blame someone. But that would require me to talk to someone…

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Yep they are crybabies. But being late is acceptable, The don’t give a shit attitude ny Jetstar is the problem. Similar to my issue with North Shore Taxix on Dec 7th. 1 1/2 hours late after booking 12 hours earlier.
    North Shore Taxis are the ‘Jetstar’ of the Taxi world, aint that right Mike O’Brien?