Cry-Baby of the Day

Cry-Baby: David Fisher


The incident:?David Fisher just can’t stop reading this blog in between writing hagiographic articles about Kim Dotcon, and notices a post he doesn’t agree with.

The appropriate response:?A quick tsk-tsk over your Kopi Luwak espresso at the Dotcom Mansion before getting into the latest draft article about Kim that needs filing that afternoon to Kim for approval.

The actual response:?He nuts off on Twitter drawing even more attention to the post…having never heard of the Streisand Effect.

Which then results in other internet luminaries likewise getting all cry-baby on us:

?Thus ensuring a Twitter battle:?

Where David Fisher gets to abuse everyone who disagrees with him and finally pulls out the dreaded “sock puppet” epithet.


Oh man we are soooo burned by that.

David, I know you are new to this social media bag but I don’t think your editor will be appreciating your ranting all with the tag NZH attached to your nick.