David Cullen Bain shops here



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  • stinkeye3

    “I’d kill 4 people for a couple of those”

    • dotcom

      Why not 5? David Cullen Bain did.

      • pleased to see you’re not banned from this site :-)

        • He should tell the people at the The Standard to go fuck themselves with a dildo and see how he gets on.

          • dotcom

            Who introduced the “dildo”, indeed multiple dildos, into the conversation yesterday, my sick little sweetheart? Truth is everything Petal.

          • I’m cool Dot.

            But your argument is a little sad. So if I bring a gun, multiple guns even, but you use one to kill someone, then I’m to blame?

            I told you it wasn’t personal right from the start, and I said I was sorry. Since Truth is everything. It’s only your repeated insistence to have the joke explained that caused the true collateral damage.

            Just so you know, I don’t do Internet fights. Take the hit, learn from it, move on, would be my advice. You’re still among friends here.

          • dotcom

            I’m cool too Pet. But again, for someone who doesn’t do fights, it was you who both introduced the topic of dildos, and you who migrated the same topic here. So quick check of the halo, please Pet, might be in order. Like I say, I’m cool.

          • I am a stirrer. #Guilty

          • dotcom


        • dotcom

          Actually not banned from any site. If you are referring to David Farrar, who gave me lashings of demerits for my anti-gay/mens-health comments, I stopped posting before I was asked to stop, and that situation is unchanged. No-one banned me.

  • thor42

    Nice one!

  • Patrick

    Apparentl he buys oversized wollen socks there as well

  • dotcom

    One thing I hadn’t learnt about the Bain case till very recently was this. Key to the David Bain defence, indeed the defence depended 100 percent on it, was that Robin Bain would have changed his clothing to meet his maker. Remember this bit?
    Well, I only just found out that this maker-meeting-attire DIDN’T include underpants.
    Now I have to admit that I was already a keen justice-for-Robin-Bain supporter, who believed that Robin was cut down before he even had time for his morning pee. The snippet about the lack of underpants to meet his maker, has converted me from being 95 percent pro-Robin, to 100 percent.