David Cullen Bain to seek Judicial Review

David Cullen Bain is seeking a judicial review of his compo case. All this guy does is cost the government money.

Lawyers acting for David Cullen Bain have today lodged a claim in the Auckland high court against the Minister of Justice seeking judicial review of the actions taken by her since she received Justice Binnie?s report in late August 2012.

Hon Judith Collins, Minister of Justice has commented;

?David Cullen Bain has filed judicial review proceedings today regarding his application for compensation.

Mr Bain?s application falls outside Cabinet guidelines and is entirely at Cabinet?s discretion. I have taken steps to ensure the process is fair and proper throughout.

Put simply, it would be unacceptable for Cabinet to base its decision for compensation on an unsafe and flawed report. That would not have resulted in justice for anyone, let alone Mr Bain.

Mr Bain has requested the Government put his application for compensation on hold. This will result in further delay. I am considering his request.

As this matter is now before the Courts I will not be commenting further.?

The Bain teams media statement also claimed that ;

?He no longer has any confidence that his claim is being assessed in a fair manner?

I hope that the court gives this short shrift and Bain is told to go away. Then once the court tells him to sling his hook, Judith Collins can ensure he is given nothing.