David Fisher gets in behind Kim Dotcom, brings tears to his eyes

Kim Dotcon went and destroyed an ice-cream shop and look who was there right behind him.


Dotcom cries as stalker crashes public event

I can’t hardly wait for the Herald exclusive tomorrow about Kim Dotcon stuffing his enormous gob with 15 flavours of ice-cream all written in gushing and fawning terms by David Fisher.

This bullshit is getting to a sickening level.



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  • Travis Poulson

    Role reversal, now that’s a change.

  • Oh come on Fisher, how much are you being paid to be Dotcom’s personal chronicler? Please admit there is money changing hands for this, as the alternatives really don’t bare thinking about.

  • LesleyNZ

    That crosses Giapo ice cream off my list then!

  • Dave

    Hmmm I think there would need to be a huge sum of Danger money to stand behind DotCom Would not be pleasant after he ate that much ice cream, worse still a good curry!

  • williamabong

    I’ve taken the liberty of rewriting your headline for you, it now sounds so much more like the truth

    “David Fisher gets it in the behind from Kim Dotcom, brings tears to his eyes”

  • Mr_V4

    >This bullshit is getting to a sickening level.
    Looks like effective publicity to me.

    From 24mins-26mins is interesting, the whole conversation worth a watch.

  • LesleyNZ
  • tarkwin

    In the Stephen King book Dead Zone, the bad guy/politician gives away free hot dogs. He got found out in the end. Hopefully the same thing will happen here.

  • Troy

    What date will his residency be revoked (after all he isn’t a NZ citizen – or passport holder, is he?).