David Fisher’s Fat Fetish continues to fester

Kim Dotcon’s staff reporter, David Fisher, has crawled right up Dotcom’s massive rectal crevice this week in the Herald.

He really does seem to have a man-crush on the fat German. He reckons Dotcom is coming out fighting:

Dotcom comes out fighting -?Fortune stripped, company crushed and freedom denied – Kim Dotcom admits to being angry and says he is just getting started on getting even.

Coming out fighting…getting even…sounds like Kimmy the fat German is making a play for The Earthquake’s replacement in WWE.?


Somebody who is even more cynical than me reckons Dotcon is just trying to hang on until Labour are back in power, and then he can just purchase a passport and get out of jail free card just like Bill Liu did.

However near the end of the article I sense that Kim Dotcon is actually getting ready to do what he has always done when faced with trouble with the authorities…run like a coward:

His ambition is to remain in New Zealand once “this is over” but is worried about the case being a lightning rod for trouble. “Among the top executives of this Government, we are the most hated people. If I were to die tomorrow they would have a party.

“If I’m successful in my fight, my biggest fear is that they wouldn’t just accept defeat. They would look for something else. If I stay here, I would be under a looking glass. I’m pretty confident we are going to win this and expose the case for what it is. But what comes after that? Will you be allowed to work in peace?

“Once you are messing with spies (and) all these cops in the highest level, all these people will still be there even if Labour wins the next election and they will always be branded and marked by this ridiculous event. Can you be in New Zealand and not have this ongoing persecution?”

Note the little reference to Labour there…