David Shearer 2012 Redux – Shaft version

I did one of these compilations at the beginning of last year. David Shearer over-delivered on my expectations.

With the Labour sheep expected to publicly back Shearer in February – 2013 promises to be the year of the um.

So I thought a redux version and then starting thinking about some music to go with it…the choice was obvious really I chose the theme music for Shaft – because sooner or later that’s what he’s going to get – the shaft… if not by Cunliffe then by Robertson.

Since we are talking about Robertson I see that Rob Salmond’s back in the building as Shearer’s ‘political director’ from January.

Another Clark retread and Grant Robertson fanboi. Must be setting him up for a by-election somewhere.  New Lynn?

Shearer really is surrounded by Robertson acolytes now.

BONUS VIDEO: Ramblin’ Man


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  • Bob

    Hard to say what would be worse, getting shafted by Cunliffe or getting the shaft from Robertson!

  • parorchestia

    Layb-um-um-er’s Leader. And, hey, where’s the video, or was it a um er fib-fib-lie?

  • Patrick

    I am sure there are plenty of guys in the Labour party willing to give Shearer a shafting

  • AnonWgtn

    Robertson is a professed male shafter, so has more practice than Cunliffe.