Dead animals wanted (intact)

I received this email from a  friend, see if you can help out:

Hello my fellow animal hunter type friends,

I have a good friend Garth, who has taken up taxidermy (see picture attached!) as a hobby & he would like some dead animals to stuff :) Anything bigger than a sparrow & he’d quite like rat, rabbit, stoat, ferret etc


There is no hurry on this extra special friend card favour that I am pulling, just when you happen to come across a dead animal in your hunting adventures :)

Garth is a mint guy & takes pictures of models all day long, so if you hook him up with some dead animals he might take a sweet picture of you with the taxidermied final product :)

You can let me know or Garth if you have any dead animals you wanna swing his way :)

Thanks heaps,

Readers can email me for Garth’s details or to let him know of all the animal corpses you have awaiting stuffing.

Meanwhile I think this calls for a Chuck Testa video: 



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  • Apolonia

    Is Cunliff a weasel, a stoat, a ferret or a rat.

    Apparently Shearer stuffed him a couple of months ago.

  • cows4me

    Probably have a dead cow at some stage, any help?

  • Mark

    Norman Bates was into taxidermy as well.