Do Labour have the guts to stand by their rhetoric? Or are they just a bunch of weasels?

The Labour party has said that they would repeal the Hobbit law…a law that looks set to  encourage Arnold Schwarzenegger to make the sequel to Conan the Barbarian in New Zealand.

Are Labour people of their word? Will they match their rhetoric with action?

A Labour-led government would change the law around film workers, even if it meant losing the The Hobbitfilms overseas, as part of a major policy release around employment relations.

The Work and Wages policy, released yesterday, has at its centrepiece the establishment of an independent Workplace Commission to set minimum standards of pay, conditions and union rights across industries such as security workers, supermarket workers or retail workers.

The standards would apply as statutory minimums, but individual contracts would be exempt and the commission would have the power to exclude small businesses. 

Labour’s labour issues spokeswoman Darien Fenton said this would push wages up and erase anomalies where people were paid differently for the same job in the same conditions.

Labour also pledged to repeal the law that made film workers independent contractors by default.

Perhaps they might to propose a members bill to show how serious they are.

Or are Labour really all about weasel words and weasel actions…well we know what to do about weasels:


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  • williamabong

    Ignore Fenton, she’s got rocks in her head, with her outlook on life she could sabotage just about any business.
    Perhaps she’s slipped of the wagon again, either way she’s inconsequential, just another Clark clone put in to pay back the union for the money and votes.

    • Gazzaw

      I will never be able to totally ignore Fenton, William. Always remember that bitches’ call to NZ to boycott the Mad Butcher’s businesses – just because Sir Peter doesn’t agree with her politics. That’s where her morality stands, never forget it. And never forget either that the party leadership went along with it.

  • Auto_Immune

    I get the feeling that deep down inside, Shear Bear doesn’t really mind and would probably go with the status quo, focusing on more populist policies instead. OTOH, it probably really depends on the amount of influence Darien and the union bloc have on the Parliamentarians. You can just imagine the fairfax headline: “Fenton terminates Schwarzenegger film”.

  • Whafe

    Labour are alll piss n wind like the barbers cat….
    There is no way what so ever they would repeal the Hobbit Law, seriously. They pissed n moaned for the sake of it, they know darn well it was the right decision to help lift the economy….

  • CJA

    “Labour’s labour issues spokeswoman Darien Fenton said this would push
    wages up and erase anomalies where people were paid differently for the
    same job in the same conditions.” Hmmmm so you’re saying that I can act like a lazy piece of shit but still get paid the same as the guy over there who works his butt off? Where do I sign up. Tui ad anyone?

    • Hazards001

      Which is of course why compulsory union membership was abolished under National and individual contracts bought in. Long may it last.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Smoke & mirrors, obfuscating and outright bullshit populist rhetoric by Labour / Fenton.

    They would cut off their nose to spite their face… and have been caught out on this exact issue. Bunch of inept, corrupt hypocrites the lot of them. Shame we couldn’t ask the Labour MP’s at the Hobbit screening their thoughts on this!

    No wonder the Greens and Mana are getting so much traction on the left – they appear to be the “only credible” options available – and I speak with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

  • Saying no to Arnie would almost certainly guarantee a loss at the next election…

    • Hazards001

      No…it won’t. I’d like to think you were right but the lazy, useless, unmotivated, jealous, shiftless, uninspired, weak, self pitying, selfish, self interested, bludging simpletons that make up a large proportion of the voting populus of this country will be happy to see something useful shafted. They don’t want other people to be succesful they want everyone to be like them. Down and out and holding their hand out.

      The reality is that to win the next election is going to be an uphill battle and the Nats need to sharpen their swords and come out fighting or Conan and all the other battlers of this country are going to be shafted by a Red/Green aussie fuckwit and a dimwited stutterer.
      MMP sucks arse!

  • Cadwallader

    The really galling thing was to view the labour troughers having the nerve to attend the red-carpet premier despite their idiotic attempts to squash the making of the film in NZ. Hypocritical is not a strong enough description.

  • thor42

    This is Labour through and through.

    They don’t give a SHIT about jobs.

    It’s all about “getting off” on power and troughing.

    It’s all about MEANNESS and “cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face”. They can’t *bear* to see *success* – especially success achieved under a National government.

  • Lofty

    You got it WO………Weasels

  • unsol

    “A Labour-led government” and “people of their word” are always going to be mutually exclusive concepts.

  • DavidW

    Obviously they are floating policy ideas in the certain knowledge that there will be a new leader before the next election and unpopular policies can be quietly dropped as relics of a previous leadership.

    Either that or their polling indicates that as long as their sorry asses point downwards, they will not become Government so it doesn’t really matter what they say in their attempts to “redefine” the political positioning of a party that once knew where it stood.

  • DavidW

    Third option just to cover the field is that they know that they will need other parties and will happily trade away idiot policies like this as part of the coalition agreements all the while saying that they are dropping this policy or that withn great reluctance and have extracted enormous concessions from Hone to do it.