Dodgy is as Dodgy Does, Seven Sharp jukes the stats

Regan at Throng blogs about the subterfuge of TVNZ to claim 31,000 fans for a new show that is yet to air a single episode.

TVNZ has “repurposed” the page and likes of Close Up, a move that was apparently made possible due to some sweet talking with Facebook and spinning the line that Seven Sharp is simply a continuation of TVNZ’s 7pm current affairs programming as opposed to being an entirely new show, with a new format, new hosts and new MO.  Tui ad anyone?

Talk about dishonest, and this is supposed to be their new nightly current affairs show. 

The mainstream media like to pretend they are highly ethical and straight up…through social media though ordinary citizens are able to peek beneath the skirts and now categorically able to see that the mainstream media is as ethical as they would like us to believe.

Conjuring tricks magicking up 31,000 like is as intellectually dishonest as their show is likely to be.


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  • Liberty

    What a crock.
    With a poll running Don’tcare/Don’t like/Hate. 72%

  • Mr_V4

    Who cares … different day same MSM bullshit.

  • LesleyNZ

    I “Liked” Close Up on FB. Don’t “like” 7 Sharp FB at all so will have to “unlike” the old Close Up (now 7 Sharp) FB page. 7 Sharp have cheated.