Does Queen Hekia care about white kids too?

Does she? John Key says she cares more than anyone else about Maori kids:

Mr Key also defended his Education Minister, Hekia Parata, saying there had been calls to sack her.

“Over the last two months I’ve had plenty of people telling me I should sack Hekia Parata. I challenge you, name one person who cares more about Maori kids doing well in education in New Zealand that beats Hekia Parata. You won’t name anyone, because she cares almost more than any of us that those young Maori kids succeed and she is succeeding.”

What about asian kids, or is it just Maori kids? 

She really is the NZ equivalent of Nicola Murray, she even looks like her.

Where’s Malcolm Tucker when you need him?


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  • DLM

    What the hell has this Minister got over John Key???? She is now the clear target for Labour. Joyce has had to take over the Novopay disaster/fiasco and she comes back from holiday as if nothing was wrong. Seriously???

    • Mr_Blobby

      Good question. Also will the opposition take advantage of it, given the pressure from Maoridom not to criticize Maori.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Must give good gobbies

  • Mr_Blobby

    The answer is NO, and NO she will is not and will not succeed. But the Maori Elite will do very well out of it.

  • kehua

    Nah Cam, it is about lifting the achievment level of under performing children of whom if we believe the Stats are predominently Maori/Polynesian. Most of us know that a generation or two of drunken, drug fucked, illiterate part time parents have contributed to the poor education of these children, surely in any business or endeavour it is the poorest performers that you educate and try and promote as role models for the strugglers who follow. The unforgivable `Truth` would be that for every 30 or so under performing children there is in all probability a middle-aged Pakeha female woman teacher cruising along waiting to retire.

  • Techersrock

    I would like someone from the opposition (I don’t care who) to stand up in the House and ask Hekia to outline every single thing that she has done for Maori children in regards to education since becoming Minister, AND how these actions of hers have improved Maori educational outcomes.

    And no, National Standards do not count as one, given they told us nothing new about Maori achievement rates.

    I would be very intrested to see how she manages to answer this given John Keys intense defence of her over the last few days.

    • thor42

      OMG, TR, I agree with you…… She is *that* bad.
      I’d put her maximum level of competency as flipping burgers at McDonald’s. She would just about be able to manage that.