Don’t take us for granted is a code for more bribes

The Maori party is putting on a song and dance…it’s all about the money I’m afraid:

As the Maori Party battles for survival, its political opponents are already fighting to pick up the lost votes.

But politicians were given a stern warning during festivities at Ratana Pa, near Whanganui, yesterday: “Never take for granted the Maori electorate vote ever again”.

“We may be small, we may be neglected, we may be in poverty but we have survived, we are alive and it ain’t finished yet,” Ratana speaker Ruia Aperehama said.

He predicted that Labour and the Greens would govern in 2014. 

He told Labour leader David Shearer: “Mr Shearer, I hope that in 12 months time that you and your government will be successful, with a strong coalition.”

Mr Aperehama said the Maori and Mana parties should get over their “imploding and tribal fighting” and come together.

Mr Shearer said he hoped Mr Aperehama was a prophet, and pledged to continue developing his relationship with the Ratana church movement.

While politicians normally spend a day at the annual celebrations, Mr Shearer is staying on to attend the religious service this morning.

Prime Minister John Key told the people of Ratana they must look past the rhetoric at what had been achieved by the different political parties. “[Labour] can turn up here at Ratana and tell you they love you but they didn’t love you enough to fix up your 113 houses,” he said, referring to National’s housing programme in the town.

“The record of the National Government in office is of one that delivers. Talk’s cheap, delivery’s a little harder.”

John Key better have some big bribes ready for Maori if he wants to stay Prime Minister. He is screwed without the Maori Party after 2014, and the Maori Party are going to have distribute a lot of taxpayers money before then to keep Maoris voting for them.

BONUS VIDEO: The Maori Anthem.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Yep – there’s plenty calling the next election a coalition of the left with a 4 or 5 headed monster… but i’m not so sure…

    All National really need to do is keep a “steady as she goes” course, but absolutely ramp up it’s PR machine detailing it’s achievements for NZ Inc compared to what 9 years of Labour achieved at a time of the World’s greatest prosperity.

    “Pledge cards” and more positive news about Natoinal’s achievements – here and non the World stage – is needed to push away the propaganda fed to the media by the unions/left to fill the void that only exists because National is too quite / silent on it’s achievements. Drown them out with facts and good news – that’ll make them STFU.

    Doing that, whilst the 4 headed monster announce monopoly, lottery housing policies and printing money to get out of debt… and just by watching on the side-lines, NZ Inc will witness the left implode upon itself in a heap of corrupt vested interest as they all try to beat each other to the baubles of power / Ministerial appointments, whilst internally Labour and Maori have their own people shooting their own people in the foot in various power struggles as NZ Inc watches all their dirty laundry.

    Yes, the hardline lefties will always vote left, but there will be plenty of “middle NZ” that might prefer a credible left alternative to National – but there simply won’t be one and the vast majority will put Country before personal preferences – i’m hoping anyway.

    Then, if National / Key instructed the Auditor General to investigate the unions finances and the attempted hiding of millions and millions in cash and assets, with the unions being the main funder of Labour… Labour will implode upon itself trying to point the finger at each other, whilst vicious factions are all vying for the leadership mantle… and the political fall out surrounding that corruption will even make Hone think twice before trying to grab the baubles of power…

    Timed correctly, National will appear to be the only credible, stable and proven option. It’s a no-brainer really…

    • Zephyr Cobalt

      Let’s hope you’re right because from where I’m sitting National are doing some crazy things including keeping Parata, continuing with the liar John Banks, huge payouts to the Maori elite, and giving us loyal voters lots of lip service about all the tough things they were going to do and haven’t (state asset partial sales, drug tests for beneficiaries, work for the dole).

      Now that the Maori religious cult called Ratana has committed to Labour this may be a good reason to stand firm against the looting of our nation’s wealth by the Maori elite and to definitely finish all treaty negotiations by 2014 (but I bet National will break this promise!

      The best way for John to get back into power is by standing strong and delivering on his promises.

    • Patrick

      Sooner they get on with an inquiry into the Labour Party finances & their relationship with the Unions the better – start with SFWU

  • thor42

    There *is* a possible way that the Nats can stay in after 2014.
    If John Ansell (the Treatygate guy) can manage to put together a party before then, then I (and I’m sure many others) would vote for it – as a tactical ploy to give National a partner in Parliament.

    • blokeintakapuna

      or, a right-leaning union?

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        A what?? You’d have more luck finding a rainbow-pooping unicorn.

  • Mr_Blobby

    “We may be small, we may be neglected, we may be in poverty but we have
    survived, we are alive and it ain’t finished yet,” Ratana speaker Ruia
    Aperehama said.

    What a load of shit. We may be small 15% of the population, Maori party have about 1% of the vote. We may be neglected, What were all our kiss arse Politians doing there. We may be in poverty, What about the money for treaty settlements controlled by the Maori Elite, when is that going to trickle down to the great unwashed (slaves). We have survived and we are alive. With 80% of Maori child born to one parent up from 20% 20 years ago. With all the negative statistics and Maori being a net economic drain to the economy to the tune of 1 Billion dollars a year and faced with the complete breakdown of the family unit. If “it ain’t finished yet: there isn’t far to go.

    Elitist toss-pot.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Couldn’t agree more . As I’ve stated before , time for a Maori Rich List .

  • cows4me

    Some of these stupid Maori leaders suffer the same curse they accuse politicians off, arrogance. These old arrogant goots like Ruia Aperehama should hold their tongues. I have links to Ratana and from what I’ve been told many are tied of been told who and what to vote for, the people have minds of their own Ruia.

  • Phar Lap

    “Never take the Maori vote for granted” says some Liebour sycophant,in Maoridom.Helen Clark with most of the present Lie-bour Party members still in Parliament,who on that fateful day in 2004 ,did the Maori like a big dinner,on the Foreshore and Seabed Legislation.Maori were too dumb to notice and just kept on voting for Lie-bour.If they were taken for granted ,they still are,yet keep voting for their manipulators or puppet masters.Shearer knows they are dumber than a bag of shit,and is up their in Ratana country exploiting them.Vote Lie-bour says Shearer ,”you dumb Maori”,and get shafted again.

  • Ronnie Chow

    If you’ve seen Sir Ngatata Love’s gated mansion in Pukerua Bay , you will easily understand the cause of (the other) Maori poverty , which is the poverty of the soul.

    The cause is greed. Greed by leaders of the IWI , starting at the top . Not a crumb leaves the table . The rest of the Maori eat at the State’s buffet .

  • kehua

    Ratana does not speak for `Maori`, Ratanas political clout is virtually nil and is only propped up every year by Labour and National going cap in hand to the Celebrations, the TV and Press should go back on Sunday and Monday and witness the drunkenness
    left behind .