Dotcon Media Moment

“Zitting on ze beach ze ozzer day, I decided to go to ze USA and face my accusers.

Yeah, Right!!!”


Kim Dotcon — supplied


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  • Whafe

    Sheesh, let us not get started on fat people on planes, paying for one seat and taking up almost two seats…. They should have to pay for more than one seat….

  • Hugewon

    I hate being in the middle seat, and being squashed between 2 fat bastards – I’m 6’4″ I hardly have enough room as it is

  • dotcom

    Luffing your zense of yoomor, one whale to anozer, about one moor.

    • Wid rezpect dotcom, zeer is fat and then there is Zeenormous mountain of man. Zir Wo is zonly a widdle hill in comparison.Zaying zay r the zame is like zaying that Ze Spanishbride is az gozgeous aun az thin as zee Top Model.

  • GregM

    Well I’m a weedy dog arsed little bastard, and they always seem to seat big fat heifers next to me. They must think I don’t mind, how wrong they are.

    • Once you fat you never go back

      • GregM

        Last time I flew up to HK they shoehorned this doe eyed behemoth from the Netherlands next to me. I sat arms folded for ten hours, while she spent two hours nomming her way through the menu. Anytime I looked remotely in her direction, the fork would lower and I would get a wistful smile, complete with food bits between her chompers.
        By the time I got to HK, I was starving, compressed, and busting to back one out. Fuckin never again.

  • Jimmie

    You know thats photo shopped – the plane isnt leaning hard to starboard.