Dunedin is out to lunch: Prefers John Minto and Hone Harawira

I don’t know what they’ve got in the water in Dunedin, but this is just sick

The Otago Daily Times reports:

Want to do lunch? Well, who would you most like to have it with?

Politicians featured as the most undesirable lunch companions. Mr Key, Deputy Prime Minister Bill English, Justice Minister Judith Collins and Social Development Minister Paula Bennett all got the cold shoulder in Dunedin.

That’s not completely surprising I guess.  However:  

The most desirable lunch companion ranged from political activist John Minto and Mana Party leader Hone Harawira…

Credit Stuff - http://bit.ly/Xx9dLM

Credit Stuff – http://bit.ly/Xx9dLM

If anyone ever attacks New Zealand, can I suggest they start with Dunedin please?

Eight percent of those surveyed admitted stealing colleagues’ lunches from the workplace fridge. Twenty-five percent said they would not take their colleagues’ lunch because there was nothing worth stealing.

Dunedin.  Where 25 percent of co-workers will steal your lunch if you only brought something edible enough in the first place.



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  • Well, it was the Octagon. Where nobody who works… lunches.

  • toby_toby

    I would rather stick toothpicks in my eyeballs than have lunch with Minto or Hone Hatfield.

    • Dave

      Be less painful

      • blokeintakapuna

        …and more enjoyable…

    • Hazards001

      Fuck…there’s a 3rd choice? The bloody questionnaire never mentioned that…I wanna re vote!

  • disqus_CYaCVLLRTy

    Of course they didnt ask who was paying for the lunch!!! If it was Minto or Hone then I suspect the jokers interviewed are having the last laugh :-)

  • pukakidon

    This must really be the southern states of NZ. What absolute banjo playing morons.

    • blokeintakapuna

      “We’re not married no more – but at least we can still be cousins!”

  • peterwn

    AFAIK, Otago University is the largest ‘industry’ in the city and the city has a habit of electing nasty MP’s – so it all figures. Incidentally, Otago University is proportionately larger than Oxford or Cambridge Universities in their respective cities.

  • Dave

    Well if you had the option of facing the freezing southerly to brave going out to buy lunch in Dunedin or liberating your mates lunch in the warm kitchen ??? Spent some time there and most were great people, a few years back our Dunedin branch was the tip performer in the country !!

  • Pete George

    Sounds like Occupy were having one of their meetings in the Octagon when this was done. When they camped there during the election campaign they adverstised Mana. And Socialists Aotearoa. And unions.

    • Saccharomyces

      I laughed at the occupy movement in Invercargill, they had a half dozen people picketing an ATM.

  • thor42

    Bunch of bloody ferals down there. They make the West Coast look like Paris or Vienna.
    Minto or Harawira – I wouldn’t give them the steam of my piss.

    • info

      so thoriq42 have you ever looked into the monopolistic odt, owned and dictated by just 1 person who only prints a view compatable to his own, obviously not, if you had, i;m sure that you wouldn’t make such a generalisation of dunedin people, dont judge the people of Dunedin as feral, when obviously you wouldn’t have a fucken clue what goes on down here, stick to your normal daily routine of incessantly trolling over the whales blog instead of running off at the mouth with out first having some bitch to catch your stale dribble

      • Lofty

        Quite right info…we good,old boys must stick together eh.
        Take that Thor……Thor…you bet you are downright painful. ;-)

        • Mr_Blobby


      • Mr_Blobby

        Did you say DumEden. Sounds like you have a good inter generational inbreeding program going on down there.

  • To be fair they probably did the survey in the Octagon, where the remenants of the Occupy crowd hang out, so no surprises that Minto > Key.

    What does surprise me though is they found someone with a workmate, I don’t think the guy behind you in the dole queue counts as a colleague

  • hehe no one would steal my lunch a second time. if there were lunch thieves at work i would rig a few nasty lunch surprises with effects ranging from explosive diarrhoea to food that is loaded with chillies and perhaps permanently dyes teeth and skin.

  • tarkwin

    I’m happy, hope they take the hint and move to Dunedin or better yet the Auckland Islands.

  • Gazzaw

    Can you buy a decent lunch in Dunedin?

    • Pete George

      Many very good options.

      • Time For Accountability

        And some not so good.
        Like the place in South Dunedin closed down for not needing to pay for all the Coleslaw dressing trick.

        • Time For Accountability

          And the one we all probably used many years ago – where the owners wee son was in hospital being treated by the nurse who made polite conversation.

          What does dad do? – runs a fish and chip shop.
          Do you help? – yes.
          What is your job? – picking the white things off the fish.
          Nurse goes quiet.

          Mind you the fish would have been quite clean.

  • Gee

    I thought some might be killed in the rush to join Clare Curran for lunch.

  • stinkeye3

    Heres how to get John Cunto to your lunch:

    “Hey John, can I rent you for an hour on Tuesday?”

    John: “Nah I’m due in Auckland protesting about banana’s going yellow, how about Wednesday? What am I protesting against? Should I get some shirts and signs made?”

  • Jman

    Its a BS survey. Conducted by Dominos Pizza and surprisingly found that the favourite food that 56% of New Zealanders like to eat for lunch is Pizza. Yeah right.

    • blokeintakapuna

      haha – about as credible then as Campbell’s text “yes” or “no” … that costs TV3 around 10-12c a text. Guess TV3 has got to get revenue from somewhere though…

  • BR

    “The most desirable lunch companion RANGED FROM political activist John Minto and Mana Party leader Hone Harawira…”

    What the hell does “ranged from” mean?

    Sounds like ambiguous print media double speak.

    I expect they thought that by dining with Minto or Harawera, they would be feeding on stolen lunches.


  • Dave

    Forgot to mention earlier, JR Murphy lives thereabouts, wonder where she gets her lunch?? No doubt she would love to have the company of Minto And Hone for Lunch. Would be very exciting for her.

  • Mr_Blobby

    My Great great great Grandfather had the right answer for Hone and Minto. He would have eaten them for lunch. He would have had more of Hone’s ancestors, only they got the fire sticks first.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Hone is a firm believer in Maori being able to go back to the way they were, so does that mean that having lunch with Hone means you’re having Minto chops?

  • Hazards001

    The town that delivered us

    Michael Cullen-Claim to fame: Bought a house and sold the economy to a dykes ambition

    David Benson Pope-Claim to fame: Inappropriate use of duct tape and tennis balls

    Clive Matthewson-Claim to fame: Shutting down the manufacturing industry in the city that he represented..then smugly telling them it was for their own good.

    Clare Curran-Claim to fame: Regurgitating Stalinist methodology to deal with dissenters, would prefer to introduce execution at the stake but for now will settle for book burning and banning of anyone that disagrees with her commie viewpoint.

    Dunedin is home to a massive population of part time residents via Otago Uni that are a bunch of whiney leftys while at school getting handouts from the rest of us so the Liarbour stronghold survives nicely on their backs.

    Of course with a couple of years out of varsity and working with the degrees the rest of us paid for they soon see their tax dollars being pissed away and realise as their own worth goes up so do their taxes. Doesn’t take the whining bitches long to jump on the bandwagon that wants to reward people for their efforts instead of taxing them to death…of course by then most have left Dunedin and are hiding from their student loans working overseas or are dentist’s in Remuera.

    • Hazards001

      And of course the never to be forgotten inbred mass murderer that is looking for a multi million dollar payout as a reward for his ability to keep his mouth shut and wear the right socks!