Ed called, he wants his speech notes back

TV3 only scratched the surface when it busted David Shearer copying Barack Obama, in his state of the nation speech.

The Labour Party in NZ is so bereft of ideas it’s now blatantly pinching its ideas and its narrative from overseas.

For instance, Shearer blatantly ripped off Labour UK’s apprentices policy. He’s openly floated Obama’s procurement policy, and now David Shearer’s discovered a new ‘personally’ authored description of what he’s labelling ‘Forgotten New Zealanders’.  He repeated it many times in his weekend speech.

A catchy line.  Pity this is also stolen from Ed Milliband and part of an ongoing Labour campaign in Britain which was launched last year.

And by the way Vernon, you should do a bit of research before you let Shearer get away with unattributed lines like:

“The difference between the forces of conservatism and the need for change has never been wider.”

Because this was stolen from Tony Blair:

“Where the extraordinary talent of the British people is liberated from the forces of conservatism”

Phil Goff road tested Ed Milliband’s ‘squeezed middle’ now Shearer’s giving Ed Milliband’s ‘Forgotten’ a go.

Perhaps we should just chuck out the middle men and let Red Ed Milliband phone it in as Leader of the NZ Opposition.


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  • Troy

    It’s impossible for Shearer to be original – his party has been entrenched in a social engineering agenda for too long. He has so many factions within the party that he’s become well and truly fucked. As long as he keeps this pitiful performance going the Nats may just have a chance next election… otherwise, get used to it folks because this is the soft cock ya gonna have to put up with if you vote red/green.

  • Spiker

    You know it, we know it, but his target audience doesn’t & if they did would they care?

  • steve and monique

    Cant be original,then who wants them in power.I thought that fleecing the flock was a trick used only by the Church.,Or is he just pulling the wool?.

  • backster

    Maybe he will start next years speech “I have a dream!”

    • Morrissey

      No, the spurious quoting of Martin Luther King is that fraud Obama’s schtick.

  • Morrissey

    Joe Biden was busted many years ago for plagiarizing the words of …. [wait for it]… Neil Kinnock.