Emmerson get’s it, surprised the Herald let it through

Emmerson’s cartoon in the Herald today is spot on. I’m surprised that it was let through since their paper seems to have become a walking advertisement for everything Dotcon.

Emmerson chess dotcom



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  • maninblack

    i reckon Mega will become a child porn trading site. The encryption will allow the pedos to get away with it and its unsearchable…

    • Tristanb

      So should we get the government to ban encryption because people will use it for nefarious purposes?? “WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!”

      Why not put video cameras in every household, some people might be beating their wives?

    • Mr_V4

      Or how about the mail service, the govt not opening everyones letters is a serious opportunity for pedos to take advantage. /sarc

      Of course when the key is found on their computer along with said images. How stupid can you be – encryption is already available.

      Why so scared of old fashioned police work?

  • (first 2:10min)

  • AnonWgtn

    Unusual for Emmerson he has been so anti John Key orientated I did not expect anything else, as Harold infatuated with Dotcon.

    • I disagree AW; Emmerson is one of those rare cartoonists who seems to be able to lampoon politicians with a fair degree of equality. He’s done some beaut Shearer cartoons, but complained to me once that he doesn’t earn enough to by the ink necessary to do justice to Winston’s facial lines and wrinkles!

      • Tristanb

        Bullshit. There are a number of people around who have some irrational hatred of John Key. They’re the losers hoping something was seriously wrong when he fainted, or calling him an evil money-trading Jew.

        Emmerson is one of those.

        I’m not sure how he treats other politicians, but he’s a lefty. Maybe he just hates rich people.

        • Gazzaw

          Totally agree Tristan. There was a time when I admired Emmerson’s work but his work is now so biassed that I rarely go to the cartoon. It used to be a priority. Maybe he’s just following orders but I thought better of him than that.

  • An excellent piece of work by Mr Emmerson. I wonder if the likes of David Fisher and John Campbell will truly work out just how well Emmerson does indeed get it; Dotcom has played them like a fiddle, then when they can no longer be of any use to them, he will simply cast them adrift.