EPMU now in the gun with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies

Companies Office Lawyers have asked EPMU to forward their full audited accounts

The EPMU have been instructed by the Registrar of Incorporated Societies  lawyers to forward to them their full audited accounts so they can posted on the Incorporated Societies website for public scrutiny.

The current accounts filed on the Incorporated Societies Office carries a recognised New Zealand Auditors letterhead but no notes or Auditor’s statement.

This has been happening since 2005. They have failed to comply with the law for more than 8 years, almost all of them under the leadership of Andrew Little.

The EPMU have been asked to file immediately to the Societies Office and not to upload the accounts themselves onto the website. 

Observation by the Owl

There is continuing governance issues within the CTU affiliated Unions headed up by Helen Kelly. This is the third major player instructed to file full accounts by the Registrar. CTU affiliated Unions are continuing to fail in their legal obligations.

A public inquiry is needed urgently to get the bottom of this matter and maybe all union members’ funds should be frozen until an inquiry is completed.

Workers are more important to employers than unions as employers give workers opportunities, career paths, training and great work environments. I was given an idea from a reader about running an ad campaign.

“Save our Assets workers”


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  • Great results are coming from your hard work Owl. Let the chips fall where they may.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Go the OWL! ..and of course WOBH for the venue, because without you lot – the MSM wouldn’t mention anything and NZ Inc would probably be none the wiser…

      Now how do we get the authorities to look into the ill-repute the unions and Labour inflict upon our Parliamentary processes with their corruption and illegal activities?

      Or would it take Little/Kelly/.Shearer to commit an armed hold-up of the Reserve Bank for more “funding” before they looked? (Not that those clowns would do that – they don’t have the clevers, when they can wait and hope to get given the cheque book after the next 3 or 4 elections)

      Anywho – thanks Owl and thank you WOBH… the only credible MSM outlet around these days…

      • You forgot Truth.

        • blokeintakapuna

          oopps correct – although the Truth doesn’t have a blog where we can comment on unlike WOBH. Looking forward to a “chat room” where we can have “live” discussions and hopefully roast a few trolls – least of all guest speakers like Shearer / Little / Kelly and cohorts – if they dared.

    • Time For Accountability

      The OWL is emerging as one of the most balanced investigators to emerge in recent years.

      It is clear that the public can have no confidence in NZICA and its member because its members such as the Union Auditors do not qualify accounts that fail to comply with the accounting standards and the auditors fail to comply with the auditing standards regarding amended accounts. I suggest NZICA has certain obligations in the act of parliament if functions under which it is failing in.

      The title of Director of Quality Assurance surely is a joke. What quality assurance.

      The unions issue has exposed many deficiencies in reporting for Incorporated Societies outside Unions that the registrar needs to tidy up.

      Starting with the Cromwell Town & Country club whose management is as loose as a goose.

  • nasska

    Most people who belong to unions are not very bright yet Kelly & Little, supposedly the supporters of the poor & oppressed, are hiding vital information from them. I wonder how many of the unwashed will get “the bash” from union thugs for daring to ask how their fees are squandered on the officials’ extravagant lifestyles & underhand dealings.

    • Callum

      The full audited accounts will have been supplied to members, what they are failing to do is provide the public disclosure required for the additional rights unions have been given.
      If I was the auditor though I would be very unhappy about partial accounts being made public with their name on them. Would definitely be a breach of their terms and conditions.

      • Time For Accountability

        Absolutely Correct.

        Callum have a quick look at the published accounts covering 2004, 2005 and 2006.

        Something does not add up “Literally”.

        I believe the auditor should be concerned about what has been published for this period.

        • Callum

          There is a whole lot covered off on those accounts in the Owls original posts, accounts were picked over pretty well a few months back.

      • Bunswalla

        Why would you supply one set of accounts to the members and then go and doctor them before filing them online? It’s almost as if they have something to hide.

    • AnonWgtn

      When Annette King goes to Wellington Mayoralty this year can Helen Kelly get afford to take an enormous drop in salary as an MP ?
      Or will the Unions subsidise her, as one unionist told me, they believe they do Little.
      Its called just perks.

  • blokeintakapuna

    This raises some interesting questions around how unions can operate on an illegal
    footing, yet still purport to be able to legally enter a workplace, or even represent a 3rd party when they are an illegally operating entity themselves?

    Employers have obligations under OH&S laws as well as fiduciary duty of care to protect their employees from illegally operating entities trying to siphon off funds from an employee. Stop all union deductions until their legal status is confirmed!

    Perhaps the Labour Dept should launch a full public enquiry into how an illegally operating entity can legally sabotage a business by legally being able to hold it to ransom until it’s demands for 1950 style work practices are met? Or is it that the Labour Dept is “owned” by Labour Party sycophants unwilling to open that nest of corrupt vipers?

    Unions have largely been irrelevant since employment law has been created. NZ now can clearly see these union thugs use stand over tactics bullying members into silence with mass peer pressure, deliberately inflict sabotage on a workplace and in some cases in the tens of millions of dollars worth, plus at the same time, they are hiding are trying to hide, millions in unaccounted for funds and assets for year upon year and all whilst operating illegally.

    The SFO / AG / GG / PM / MSM should lift the lid on this corruption – and just watch the cockroaches scurry for cover – like they did when they left Jones high and dry over the passport for cash donations scandal.

    Thieving, lying, illegal and corrupt unions – that fund and fill the Labour Party – no surprises there then!

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  • Time For Accountability

    Crikey – Where is the missing 9 Million.

    I have just reviewed the original Financial Statements they have posted on the website.

    2004 appears as an audited set of accounts showing members equity of $14m
    2005 – never filed.
    2006. – No audited merely filed as an excel spread sheet. Shows members equity of $19m for 2005 and $18m for 2006
    2007 again shows as an audited set showing equity of $10m (Group) for 2006.

    How can equity of $19m in one set of accounts then appear as $10m in the next set.

    Why were the accounts unaudited during this dodgy accounting period.
    Where are the 2005 accounts during this important period.

    Quite simply there is a case to be made to place this union and perhaps others into statutory management until a proper accounting and investigation is done.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Totally agree.

      Does anyone know how to “officially force” an investigation by the authorities?

      What needs to be done? Citizens initiated referendum?

      Could Cactus Kate have some of her legal eagle mates file formal complaints with the respective authorities, so they MUST investigate? Please Cactus?

      How can we stop this corruption in our political system before it gets as bad as the aussie unions and the aussie labor party and all the corruption going on there.

      God save us – or at least, hopefully the respective authorities might!

      • Ronnie Chow

        Don’t ask the Police , that’s for sure .

    • owl

      Bang on

  • Dave

    Like the owl says , Perhaps it’s time for a full public enquiry…… Best outcome is little and Kelly are banned as directors or holding any public office for say 10 years. Then of course have all unions comply 100 %

    • blokeintakapuna

      whilst passing legislation that forces them to collect and manage their own membership fees directly – not the job of an employer – especially when these illegally operating bully boys – then bite the hand that feeds them.

      C’mon National – just enforce the existing laws that are designed to protect the innocent worker so these illegally operating unions provide full disclosure, on time, every time.

      If the unions operate under “employment laws” then surely they should be held accountable by those same laws? Ignorance of the law is no excuse and ANY transgression of ALL the laws they MUST abide by – and transgressions should be treated as “disadvantaging the employer, not acting in good faith” and the employer has full legal rights to financial remedies through the unions illegal activities – surely?

  • williamabong

    The EPMU covered themselves in glory yesterday in rolling over to Solid Energy and costing their members $12,000 a year, but it’s all good the union organisers jobs are safe and their wages remain untouched.
    Solid Energy have achieved their goal and cut costs, it’s just that the waged staff now get to pay for the pipe dreams of the board and the lack of management skill from SE senior management.

  • AnonWgtn

    Can the Union be struck off as an Incorporated Society – and ensuing status re tax laws ?
    making them an illegal organisation, and entitled to nothing.
    At least until the new Labour/Greenpeace/Winston/Mana parties get in then they can change the relevant laws to suit them selves.
    Parliament is the Law – but this is now being overlooked by Judges and others.

  • Time For Accountability

    The auditors should be worried.
    Some of the files accounts do not add through. Not by much but nevertheless it is sloppy.

  • Time For Accountability

    The members should be worried

    The Union losses Millions in the 9 months between 1 April 2006 and 31 December 2006.

    Why does the union own a separate company called New Zealand Engineering Bargaining Agents Limited where the majority of this loss occurred.

    Why did the Union owe the welfare fund over $200k in December 2006?

    Why did union employee entitlements of almost $1m suddenly appear as a liability in the December 2006 accounts?

    Why was a substantial portion of that paid out during the subsequent 12 months?

    Mr Little and fellow Executives – time to explain.

    Why is there no Audited accounts posted for 31 March 2006 and the 9 months to 31 December 2006 when there was significant changes to the balance sheet and loss of assets.

    Member – you should be very worried indeed.

    • owl

      You should do one more sum. go to their website. take the number of members they have times by their subs and compare to their declared revenue. you can put the formula on line on here if you have the time. all that information is available . i have already done the calculation

  • Time For Accountability

    Well now this must have been embarrassing for the Union and the Auditor.

    They may an error of $1,319,838 in the 2009 financial statements they have to correct in 2010.

    They missed an investment in Subsidiary from the Current Assets of $1,256,081.

    They overstated employee entitlements current liability by $63,757

    It will be interesting when the Registrar is provided to see how they explain that away and if the audit was qualified. We await the full accounts with interest.

    The 2009 accounts were signed off by the Chairman and the National Secretary.

    It is a material error by any measure and amounts to over 10% of the net equity.
    NZICA quality control at its best.

    Note to accountant and auditor. There are rounding addition errors all over the place.
    Please purchase a calculator.

    Note to Chairman and National Secretary – Check what you are signing.
    Consider if Auditor discharged his duty of care that year. You may be entitled to a partial refund. The auditor must develop an Audit plan and it appears it was deficient despite it was your responsibility to prepare correct accounts..