EPMU, rules don’t apply to us , some animals are more equal than others

We all know that the the EPMU can’t follow the rules of the Societies Registrar, now we have evidence that they can’t follow the road rules:

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Animal Farm comes true:



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  • blokeintakapuna

    The pox posing as the cure, looking for more parasitic hosts from which to feed upon…

    The EPMU will hopefully also have the authorities getting out the long rubber gloves to sift through all their “financial accounts” also… for the sake of “transparency” to ensure everyone pays “their fair share”

    Is this union another union who also tries to hide / siphon off millions in cash and assets?

  • James M

    Its fine the union has heaps of spare cash to chuck around. a few parking tickets is a drop in the ocean

    • Time For Accountability

      Not quite right. Investments are held in its related parties.

      It could be a tad short because back in 2006 in advanced $6m to its training organization. The trouble is that that entity has negative equity of $2m.

      That is like loaning the bankrupt money to further blow.
      Or giving an alcholic booze.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    This current lot in the EPMU remind me of the teamsters in America in the Hoffa days, thinking they can do what they want with other peoples hard earned money.

  • Patrick

    Communists are above the law, the laws are only for the little people