Everyone hates parking wardens, but at least they are ticketing their own

via the tipline

Spotted on Waiheke yesterday.



I was going to give Len Brown some kudos on the Council ticketing their own…but then I realised that the ratepayers are still going to be paying for that.

The only people more soulless than Gingers are parking wardens…at some Gingers manage to make friends.


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  • An employee cannot act illegally in the course of their duties, so the employee should be the one who pays the ticket – not the council.

    • Rodney

      Thought it was more about who operates the vehicle commits the offence? Stationary vehicle offences will mean that the ticket automatically goes to the council, then the council must displace the assumption that it was the “council” that was operating the vehicle in order to shift responsibility over to the person who was operating the vehicle. This would bring the same result as you’re suggesting, but there still can be situations where the employer is liable for the employee’s actions. It’s not as straightforward as saying “an employee cannot act illegally in the course of their employment” to say an employer can never be liable for an employee’s illegal activities. The answer is “it all depends…”.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Fines are not a tax deductible expense. I had 2 employees who received speed camera tickets in a company vehicle both were told to pay there own fines, both said they had. 10 Years latter we were being chased by the courts for outstanding fines. Both employees had long since left. When asked why it took so long to contact us . The response was we couldn’t find you. 15 Years latter I am still telling them to fuck off and if they can find the vehicle the tickets were for, I am more than happy for them to clamp it. It was stolen 5 years ago and never recovered.

  • rouppe

    Are those Jeep’s? What an expensive option to choose. Perhaps they need a 4WD but what’s wrong with a Suzuki Jimny? Even a Vitara? A Diahatsu Terios?

    • stinkeye2

      Check out the hubcap – its a suzuki jimney

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    I bet the ticket will get waived.

  • Lofty

    I have it on good authority that the tosser traffic warden ticketed himself, as he cant stand anyone who parks illegally anywhere anytime…he showed the bastard.

    • Patrick

      Probably ticketed himself to keep his quota up – KPI’s depend on it or there will be no bonus this quarter.

  • Hazards001

    I do a lot of work with people in Auckland Transport, not the parking division mind you. Often have to meet at work sites and the AT branded vehicles are the 1st to be targeted by the Parking Nazis. Almost a fetish with them. And as the cars are booked out on a comprehensive booking system they know who was driving and the driver receives the ticket.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    This is creative accounting. Goes on the books as money paid when it just goes in a circle.
    However, the fine will include GST, so the Govt gets some money from the Council who get money from the Ratepayer