Fa’afoi – foolish boy

The Police take their ceremonies very seriously.

Good manners and a bit of decorum are important to them.

Police graduations, especially, are a very big deal to the cops and families of recruits.

So my friends in the cops are not at all happy with Labour’s Police spokesman, Kris Fa’afoi.

He was invited to attend the final police graduation of the year in December at the college in Porirua – in Fa’afoi’s electorate no less – but when the time came his seat on the stage lay empty. No apologies, no excuses, nothing.

The cops didn’t like that at all. So where was the stupid boy, who claims to care so much about the Police? 

Well, he was stupid enough to tweet where he was:

That’s right. He was helping Shearer flip burgers for the press gallery.

And, helpfully, Labour even published a lovely video of him as well:


So, did Shearer know this stupid boy was supposed to be showing his respects to the most important people in his portfolio but instead decided to attend what was a poor attempt to get journos onside?

Warning for Kris. The cops never forget.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Was he just a guest or the Guest of Honour to present prizes?? If he was the GoH then that is a CLANGER of monumental proportions and a size 12 should be applied to his fundamental orofice

  • Guest

    Thats not even a BBQ or a grill, frying shit crap pre-cooks on a hotplate should not be able to be called BBQ’ing! Heathens.

  • That’s a classic reversal of fortunes for Kris “I’ve been everywhere man” Fa’afoi.

  • Hillary Green

    And they want to be the Government? God help us when they hook up with the Green Talibans because no one else will. Nearly time to book that oversea ticket.

    • stinkeye3

      Do it now, the Green’s will put prices up due to “social justice”

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      I suggest you ride a cycle or swim to avoid Norman’s Eco tax on air tickets….

  • Gazzaw

    Are those Mad Butcher pre-cooked snags on the barbie? Eat your heart out Darien.

    • sandynobb

      No, ummmburgers

  • williamabong

    Just another pathetic photo opportunity from the pathetic party, bit like Fool Goofs shovel on the Rena beach.
    As for silly Kris he only has to make cameo appearances just before the election.

  • lofty

    I have to say that as a business owner and looking to expand this year and onward, with the employment of extra staff etc, these people scare me, given that they will have to team up with those watermelon liars the Greens, and Mana FFS, I am asking myself is the work and risk involved worth it?
    I dont fancy doing 70+ hours a week if it will be for little gain after the theft of revenue by the gifting parties.
    This potential governing mob is only going to stifle growth in this country as they handicap enterprise and entreprenures, through the threat of rich prick, anti growth and envy taxes that will be required to buy the votes they need.
    Instead of cozying up to journalists, their time would be better spent assuring the real revenue & employment generators, the small to medium sized businesss people that they will not drive them out of business and out of the country by their foolish and bribing promises to voters.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Totally agree…

      How then, do we get National to fill the “Info/PR void” their silence is creating that the left then fill with lies, deceit and blatant propaganda… and they can get away with it again and again… because the silence from National is deafening…

      Speak up please National. Promote the benefits and the better outcomes – don’t leave it for the unions to inform the public…

    • Hazards001

      “Instead of cozying up to journalists, their time would be better spent assuring the real revenue & employment generators, the small to medium sized businesss people that they will not drive them out of business and out of the country by their foolish and bribing promises to voters.”

      Whatever happened to journalistic integrity? We know politicians have none but there was a time when the fourth estate could be relied on to be impartial and simply report the facts. Today all we have is the self interested minions of the Greens And Liarbour working for TV 3 The Horrid and a lesser extent but not to be dismissed RNZ and TVNZ. Not even a decent barbie FFS pre cooked snags…the piss weak pantie waists.
      Good luck with your expansion too..we need more forward looking kiwis and less handbrakes like Shearer and co.

      • Lofty

        Thanks Hazards, we are determined to grow in spite of the haters and wreckers aka labour, greens and mana.
        It is a risky business hoping that enough NZrs can see through the deceit and bribery, and also want NZ to prosper.
        We push on with baited breath.
        Our company contribution to our country is revenue, a nice lifestyle for myself and my business partner, but most importantly, employment and very good salaries for our team members.

        The responsibility of being an employer rests with weight upon us, but the satisfaction of contribution to our society beats drugs.

        • Lofty

          Oh and the thought of the unholy alliance playing at Te Kawana gives me the screaming meme’s

  • Phar Lap

    Seems that is why he was dumped from being a reporter for TVNZ.He never turned up to do what he was paid for.Now even though he gets 200K a year from the long suffering taxpayer he has not changed his spots.He is in one of the most left wing electorates in the country,with raging social problems,which the Lie-bour Party moans about,except when they ran that part of Porirua for nine long years ,they ignored them completely.Seems Fa”afoi is running true to Lie-bour Party form.They want the votes every three years,but in that period between elections,they couldn’t give two *****.

    • Lofty

      Flying fucks?

  • Anonymouse Coward

    If you are a MP you, or someone in your office, needs to keep an appointments diary so that stuff-ups like this do not happen.

    With apps like iCal you can even syncronise your diary with the office while at the bar-b-q.

    Epic fail

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Whatever Whale….Kris will be the Police Minister in 2014 and all will be forgotten.

    • Mr_V4

      With Kris’s de Lorean at the ready police will have no trouble solving crime.

  • Moaning Greasy Flyblow

    the cops never forget. true dat…

  • Mr_V4