Face of the Day


As you may recall, Cam Slater asked some people for help a few months ago.  Some of us passed the selection process (how exactly, will remain a  mystery to us).

There were a few hard rules we had to accept.  Breaking them would mean we were out on our ears.

And, NFWAB, right?  

One of the rules was:  “Under no circumstances, ever, a picture of a LIVE cat”.

This may be the last day I am ever allowed to post here.

Above is a freshly minted Sphynx kitten, a breed of cat that has no coat.

I can but hope it is so devoid of cuteness, I get to log in and help more tomorrow.

[Travis: I approved this post. There you go, you can’t sack us both]



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  • nasska

    Could this be Whale a few more years down the track?

  • Dave

    Tame Iti ??? But he’s more mongrel than cat!

  • Who could love that, needs to drowned

  • dotcom

    So ugly as to be beautiful

  • Pokerface

    I’m not feeling the love………….