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The fans take their team support seriously in Kiev



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  • Andrei

    You have reversed the image to give the effect of the salute. the boy is holding out his left arm not the right.

    Tsk tsk

    • Travis Poulson
      • Andrei

        Images of the Year 2012

        A fan of Dynamo Kiev makes a right-wing salute during a local soccer match at the Olympic stadium in Kiev in March. Photograph: Anatolii Stepanov/Reuters

        So you are not the guilty party – but the image has been reversed!

        That my friend is a Kiev Dynamo’s scarf or to be pecise the mirror image of a Kiev Dynamo’s scarf.

        A stylised latin D with КИIВ written below – here, allow me to correct the picture for you

        • Travis Poulson

          email Anatolii Stepanov from Reuters, see what he says

        • Travis Poulson

          You might also notice in your reversal of the image has ‘UKRAINE’ back to front now too.

        • Mitch82

          Unless the scarf is a single sided version that shows the reverse on the back. Nazi bullshit is pretty rife in Poland. Even if that image is reversed, he’s a young racist kid who shouldn’t be expected to know left from right.

          If you’re not familiar with football hooliganism, here’s a primer:


          Also, check out the following movies: Football Factory, Green Street Hooligans, Rise Of A Footsoldier, Cass, and The Firm (original version with Gary Oldman, the remake is average).

          That’s the UK side of firms and their antics. Rachet that up about 50 notches for places like Russia, Poland and Istanbul. England has firms which are like small street gangs attached unofficially to a FC. The rest of Europe have small, well trained militias for the most part.

          • LabTested

            “Nazi bullshit is pretty rife in Poland”

            What has Poland got to do with the subject. It is a photo of a Kiev supporter from the Ukraine. Nothing to do with Poland, they are different countries..

            Also, what do you mean by pretty rife? I have been going to Poland for 20 years and at times have lived there. I have never once seen any evidence of Nazism or even skin heads. Sure they exist, but there is no evidence of it on the streets or even among the football fans who stream through town after each match.

          • Mitch82

            Type – meant to say Ukraine. Was reading an article about Polish firms prior to commenting.

            As far as rife goes, I mean among the football fuckwits who cause the problems – ie. the fanatics, not the fans. There used to be some racism in the early years of UK football hooliganism, Cass Pennant’s story being a good example, but that’s mostly gone now.

          • Travis Poulson

            I’m assuming he was referring to this, watch from 13;30 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpIjLmcAavY

          • LabTested

            Interesting to watch. But honestly what a try-hard documentary. Most of the “Nazi” supporters from minute 13.30 were from the town of Gorzow. This would be like going to Murupara to report on how bad gangs were throughout NZ

            Like anywhere, if you put a camera in front of bored uneducated youth they will play up to it.

            I was in Poland for Euro 2012. The only major violence (from Polish fans) was when Russians marched through Warsaw on Russia’s national day – this was seen as a provaction given the history of WW2.

            I did not have tickets to the Euro 2012 games, but was in the Fan Zone (enclosed area, up to 90,000 fans) Poles & Russians & Czechs and all nationalities shoulder to shoulder. No problems what so ever.

            As i said in my earlier posting, every Saturday there are football supporters wandering through town before and after games and I have never seen any trouble. My Polish friend takes his 10 yr old to most home games and (we talked about this before Euro 2012) he says this sort of thing does not happen.

            So cameras will always find a sensational story if they look hard enough

        • Mr_V4

          I think we can all agree that gut looks no better reversed.

      • Obviously a plot by homosexual sub editors, enamoured by a near naked small boy in a neo nazi pose….offense on one hand and yet highly erotic on the other… they are seeking to normalize boy love to subvert society

  • tarkwin

    Is that Kim Dot Con to the right?