Family Fist pulls out the polygamy card

Bob McCoskrie is running the old “gay marriage leads to polygamy” line…despite no evidence of it ever have done so in the world…anywhere.

Family First national director Bob McCoskrie says the push for same-sex marriage in New Zealand is a stepping-stone to legalising polygamy.

Mr McCoskrie said a new poll by Key Research that showed 53.9 per cent of respondents supported gay marriage was an indicator that fewer people were in favour of marriage reform compared to a year ago.

He said the number had dropped from 63 per cent in a May poll, as people “got past the slogan of “marriage equality’ and debated the real impact of redefining marriage”.

“There is absolutely no need to redefine marriage to provide legal recognition and protection for same-sex relationships,” he said.

If the argument was “about real equality” then it would mean a push to legalise multiple marriages or marriages between teenagers, Mr McCoskrie said.

“If you’re talking about real equality that means it should be available to anybody. That includes three or four who want to get married, that includes teenagers who want to get married, …married people who want to marry somebody else at the same time.

“It’s on the agenda and everybody knows it. It’s on the long-term agenda.”

Show us the evidence of this agenda, Bob. It only exists in your mind…but since he raises polygamy…where is the problem?

My policy is this…if someone wants to have multiple Mothers in Law then they are welcome to it.

The next line Bob will run is that gay marriage leads to people wanting to marry their dog or pet goat.

One thing is for sure Family First is not about all families, it is only about families that Bob likes.


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  • maninblack

    who cares if there is polygamy? people should be able to do what ever they want as long as its not hurting anyone else.

    • That assumes that only moral principle that exists is “dont hurt others” I dont know of any contemporary moral theory that holds that to be the case whether secular or religious.

      Do you have any justification for this fairly controversial claim, which appears to have no serious advocacy behind it, other than the fact its a nice slogan to hang same sex marriage on.

    • Jimmie

      man in black states: people should be able to do what ever they want as long as its not hurting anyone else.

      Who says that you’re right? So you advocate that people can do what ever they want if it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Ok lets think that through.

      1st: What about those folk that want to do things that hurt other people? Aren’t you discrimanting and marginalising them? Won’t they go running off to join the LGT crowd as perpetual victims? Why do you think that hurt/pain is the moral threshold for legal sanction.

      2nd: You have drawn a relative line in the sand based on what? Your own opinion? There are 6 billion opinions in this world – why should we follow your one?

      3rd: Define hurt: You may be married with kids and decide to sleep with your secretary. You and her aren’t hurting but what about your wife and kids who end up going through a messed up divorce?

      4 As an ex cop I dealt with several situations where 13 & 14 year old girls ran off with pedos in their 20’s & 30’s. At the time the girls definitely would not claim that they were being ‘hurt’ in any way – by your rule this would be quite ok.

      Moral relativism has a lovely theoretical freedom about it until you start applying it to the messed up people that occupy this earth. When the evil (and unintended) consequences start messing up society you start realizing that people have a nasty bent to them which causes havoc if not moderated by an absolute moral code.

      You can’t change that and the several generations that have arisen since the 60’s that have progressively pushed Western society into a amoral nirvana are deluding themselves that they think societies are better off for it.

      Its the main reason why we end up with 100’s of unnecessary laws being created every year by Parliament to try and control the lack of inner moral character missing in many of our citizens.

      Won’t ever change unless something major occurs that shakes society to its core.

      • Whafe

        Awesome post, fantastic

      • tl;dr

      • I think that maninblack is saying is that consenting adults should be able to conduct their business without government saying what is right and wrong.

        On your 1st point, you are utterly wrong. Society won’t stand for people saying that they want to hurt people.

        Your second point is confusing, maninblack is not espousing that people follow him, he’s saying people have the freedom to choose. Which ties into your third point where he’s not saying there aren’t consequences, just that there doesn’t need to be legal punishments for adultery and divorce, using your example. There are social consequences, in that we have people like you and me who would look down on a gentlemen who would do that to his family.

        Your fourth point is irrelevant, we as a society have decided that kids are kids until 18 and that that is the age they get to be full participatory citizens, and if when they turn 18 they want to be around some old guy then they have the right to choose.

        As for the rest of your rant, it’s a very simple and limited view to take and I pity you for how you must see the world.

        But in a nutshell there are still consequences even if legal ones are removed.

        • Mike

          “On your 1st point, you are utterly wrong. Society won’t stand for people saying that they want to hurt people.”

          Really? What about the Iranian and Egyptian dictators (and virtually every Islamic dictator), Hamas etc. openly saying they want to wipe Israel off the map? The silence from the UN and the so-called leader of the western world Obama is deafening.

      • P1LL

        I am glad you are an ex cop .

        what part of “not hurting anyone else” did you not understand ?

        • Random66

          How do you know it won’t hurt anyone else? Are you an expert on relationships and social engineering and the impact on others directly affected or in fact broader society? What about the more vulnerable members of our society like children. I would take the word of a man who has experienced the front line casulties of our morally bankrupt firsthand before listening to those who would take pot shots at him for having an opinion.

          • P1LL

            I will say it again because you seem a wee bit slow , what part of “not hurting anyone else” did you not understand ?
            If it hurts anyone then it is wrong ! If it does not hurt anyone then who should give a toss

          • Gayguy

            Given the number of children beaten by heterosexual males. your argument is worthless.

    • You are right….although its more accurate to say….not violating the rights of others’….

  • “One thing is for sure Family First is not about all families, it is only about families that Bob likes.” Yeah well – interesting stories there…

    As for this remark”My policy is this…if someone wants to have multiple Mothers in Law then they are welcome to it.” similar lines to my rant against old Bob this morning via Facebook.

    Rant was a similar one I dropped in here recently – so to save the tl:dr I’ll repost the first and last paragraphs:
    “Now this is typical richness from Bob as I would come to expect. No we would not legalise Polygamy even though certain sects around the world practice it (and as Whale Oil would say – who would be stupid enough wanting two or more mother-in-laws :P ) ”

    Not my place to question or judge one’s union – that I leave for He to do”

    For the rest of it it was basically saying Bob was and is Full of Crap

    • Alloytoo

      I also note Bob doesn’t appear to allow comments on FF or his blog….

      • I have noticed that. Typical of an ultra authoritarian – doesn’t allowed debate, dialogue or critique of his own opinions, ideas or policies. And by virtual extent in his world he would not allow others that either unless they were “yes men” to his “way of thinking.”

        A real pity coming from one of Jesus’s “disciples,” “teachers,” “preachers” and “Ministers” who spends his time spreading the Word. Or rather expends his resources lavishly on politics rather than the Word itself”

        I would remind Bob and Master Baiter of the entire book of Ecclesiastes and Luke 20 verses 20-26 when as “Christians” dealing with the two worlds (they should exactly know what I mean as well”

        And just found a clearer version Mathew 22 verses 15-22 on the same matter in “Paying Imperial Taxes to Caesar”

        Also leading by example comes to mind before going on the preaching front comes to mind as well…

  • I dont know about FF, but normally the argument is not that legalising same sex marriage, will lead to legalising polygamy, its rather that the arguments or grounds provided to justify same sex marriage if true would also justify polygamy. This is not refuted by pointing out no one has legalised polygamous marriage, in fact this observation tends to support the arguments force. As it shows proponents of same sex marriage are actually unwilling to follow the principles they expound and reject them in other contexts.

    • Solomon…yes he of the Daily Proverbs…made many wives…and mistresses as well…he was considered wise.

      Though how one with 700 wives and 300 concubines could be considered wise is a little beyond my comprehension…but it says in the bible he was wise…so there you go…he must have been.

      • Orange

        “and his wives led him astray” is the end of that verse, not “he was considered wise.”

      • cows4me

        If one had 700 wives one would indeed need to be very very wise. I only have one and at times been wise is clearly the wise option.

      • Jimmie

        He was full of wisdom but lacked common sense and definitely did not have a good succession plan in place after his death.

        • Bunswalla

          Guys, don’t get too literal with stories you hear in the bible. Solomon didn’t really have 700 wives, any more than an old bugger called Methuselah lived to be 969. It’s just made up, really.

          • Mitch82

            SACRILEGE! HERESY!

          • Changeiscoming

            Wheres your proof, evidence or support for such an opinion?

          • Methuselah was able to live to 969 because he didnt have 700 wives. As a consequence he was able to fund and enjoy a long and stress-free retirement.

      • Urban Redneck

        . . .from The Queer Avengers website, critiquing Louisa Wall’s Bill . . .

        “She adds that there are many family structures which marriage and
        adoption law does not cover, for example polyamory and whangai adoption.
        “This is not the final struggle,” Sara concludes. “We’re looking ahead
        to the struggles beyond marriage.”

        . . and from The Guardian (the desensitization campaign for child-adult sex grows apace)

        • Random66

          The sadest thing about your comment is many will read it and not care.

  • “Family Fist” – a manifestation of strategy 2.

    “The Kirk-Madsen book became the blueprint for the homosexual movement which included a strategy that involved the three stages of Desensitisation, Jamming, and Conversion. This strategy has been mirrored across the western world and each stage can be clearly identified-

    1. Desensitisation:

    This stage involves desensitising the mainstream public by applying positive attributes to homosexuality; in other words, to show homosexuality as a positive and not a negative. And this is done by showing homosexuality as being very similar to heterosexuality through funny, inoffensive sitcoms, etc. We can see this in New Zealand today with sitcoms like Will and Grace, for example.

    2. Jamming:

    This stage involves silencing opposition to homosexuality by applying negative attributes to dissenters by labelling them as homophobes and bigots, etc. We can see that everywhere in New Zealand today, especially in education and in the liberal media.

    3. Conversion:

    This stage involves showing homosexuality as being accepted by the mainstream through showing celebrities and public figures endorsing homosexuality; by showing people who we respect and admire accepting homosexuality. We can clearly see this in New Zealand today with John Key openly hanging around with and accepting the gay lifestyle.”

    Copied from-

    • Mitch82

      “2. Jamming:

      This stage involves silencing opposition to homosexuality by applying negative attributes to dissenters by labelling them as homophobes and bigots, etc.”

      Now who does that sound like?

      • Alex

        indeed, just change the terms “homophobes and bigots” to “progressives and Marxists”.

        • Hugewon

          No, change “Opposition to communism/Green party/Social justice” by labling them as “Rich pricks” and “1% motherfuckers”

          • and yet only a few posts below we see gayguy stating”Oh go write an angry ill informed bigoted post for the conservative blog” cognitive dissonance perhaps?

        • So what, if its objectionable when red baiter does its objectionable when liberals do it as well.

    • Hugewon

      NZ blogsphere amazed as bro tells cool story!

    • Ronnie Chow

      You skinheads sure are good copy and paste writers , Redbaiter . I hear Germany is expanding militarily . Exited ?

      • Gayguy

        You should see the froth they get themselves into over on the Conservative Blog about marriage equality and Whale attacking the Catholic church for protecting kiddie fiddling priests.

        • Mitch82

          Yup, Batshit will be typing up something now that lauds Fisting Families. I’m still giggling that a devout Catholic calls gay marriage “imaginary”.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Redbaiter, you’ll appreciate this gem from 4chan:

  • Mitch82

    If 50-60% of the country starts voting in favor of Polygamy after the “polygamous community” comes forward and starts campaigning for it, then by all means, lets have the debate.

    Until then, I’ll just keep laughing at these dickheads who seem to be screaming for dunce caps every time they’re let out in public.

  • Apolonia

    Let’s look at History

    Legalize sodomy “this won’t lead to gay-marriage”

    Introduce Civil-Unions “this won’t lead to gay-marriage” “marriage is for men&women”

    Legalize homosexual-marriage “this won’t lead to polygamy,or polyandry” YEAH RIGHT

    • Ronnie Chow

      Which is all , collectively , a storm in a tea cup .

    • We wouldn’t have these petty little battles over time…which by the way your lot keep losing if we exhibited a bit more tolerance and allowed people to marry equally in the first place.

    • Gayguy

      Care to provide any supporting proof that those comments were ever made about decriminalising homosexuality?

    • Mitch82

      Lets look at reality.

      Women get the vote: Sky doesn’t fall.
      Blacks ride the bus: Sky doesn’t fall.
      Homosexuality made legal: Sky doesn’t fall.

      • Mitch I keep hearing this response from people, perhaps you can point to me where anyone argued that homosexuality or civil unions would lead to the sky falling. If you can I might see the relevance of the comment. If not I can only opine that supporters of Gay marriage decided to invent a really bad argument and then lie to people by pretending that was the argument there opponents were making. I

        Also you seem to think that randomly choosing two discredited social causes and placing them next to another you disagree with automatically means the two are on par. It doesn’t to show that you need to actually offer some kind of argument such as that the principles expounded by the latter are the same or entail the former.

        • Mitch82

          Those fighting gay marriage have used everything from the trivial (Marriage is our word, you can’t have it), to claiming that it’s the final downfall of society into a moral cesspool (see Andrei’s comments, NZConservative Blog, etc).

          I think you’re reading into my comments too much. Point is that like everything else that people get a bee in their bonnet about, the Gay Marriage issue will be voted on, passed, and pass into history as another molehill that people made into a mountain.

  • Travis Poulson

    Polygamy eh. I say legalize it. Any man dumb enough to want two or more wives along with mother in laws deserves all he gets.

    • Travis Poulson

      kosh/gayguy doesn’t like this so downvoted, I thought he’d be keen on 2 husbands.

  • Gayguy

    It is the same “slippery slope” garbage that was pulled in regards to mixed race marriages in the US.

    It is all pure nonsense and designed to scare hate filled idiots into spewing their garbage and raising arms to fight the evil gay agenda.

    Once marriage equality is passed this year, old Bob will move onto something else to scare the idiots. Just as he jumped from smacking to marriage equality.

    • dotcom

      What utter crap. Mixed race marriage can produce progeny. Prevention of it was always wrong. Mixed race marriage is natural. Men having sex with men is not. Besides all of us are mixed race to some degree or other. What utter bilgewater.

      • Alex

        Most heterosexual porn (from my cursory glance) fits that categorization as well.

        • dotcom

          So what? Who was talking about porn? Any porn. But to address your sidetrack, fudge packing is conducive to disease. Right? Dangerous. Right? or wrong? Does bare-back fudge packing lead to disease or not?

          • Gayguy

            Any sexual action carries a risk of passing infections/diseases,

            Given the highest HIV numbers world wide are in the heterosexual population, as well as STI’s etc… the point you are attempting to make is a very stupid, ill informed and inaccurate one.

          • dotcom

            NOW, HIV/AIDS is a hetero problem, thanks to you lot. Want to rewrite the history books too do you, in your campaign of lies. Burn the books. That’s what you do.

          • Gayguy

            Actually it started out in Africa as a hetro issue. So homos have hetros to thank for it.

            I suggest you educate yourself.

          • dotcom

            Are you really trying to imply, Gayguy, that vaginal intercourse carries the same risk of disease as anal? Are you mad? Poofters like you with this level of utter ignorance (or denial) scare the b’Jesus out of me.

          • Gayguy

            No I am not. However given the level of STI HIV/AIDs infection in the hetro population, the argument you are trying to make is worthless, poorly informed and inaccurate.

        • Gayguy

          Dickheaddotcom is suggesting that all homosexuals have unsafe sex. Which is of cause an outright lie on his part.

          • dotcom

            So is Mick above lying too when he “loves bareback” above? So who’s the liar? I don’t say all homosexuals have unsafe sex, liar. So who’s the liar in this as well?

          • mick

            dick head i bareback with my partner of ten years just like most long term hetro couples you really need to go back and hide in your cave ya stupid bigoted troll

          • dotcom

            Hepatitis for lunch anyone – choice of A, B or C. BTW, I answer quite proudly to both “stupid bigoted troll” and “dickhead”.

          • Gayguy


          • dotcom

            I haven’t lied. Bareback fudge-packing spreads disease. Where is the lie in this? It is a simple statement of fact that any visit to any “mens health” website will confirm. Think of me, gayguy, next time you’re pushing poo/playing Russian Roulette. Good luck. Just like smoking — 50/50 odds. But smokers don’t transfer their diseases to non-smokers.

      • mick

        love bareback

        • dotcom

          Yes, smokers die from smoking, and we can’t get people to stop smoking. Half of them die from it, and so will half of you barebackers. Only trouble is that the diseases smokers get, don’t get passed on to the rest of the community along the way.

          • Gayguy

            Well that is, yet again, out and out bullshit from dickheaddotcom.

          • dotcom

            Every post against me, labels me a retard, an idiot, or some equally pathetic insult. But none of the comments actually dismiss my claims. Most try to change the subject. Most are denial. Bottom line poofters, is that what you call sex, is in reality, bathing in filth. Sad but true. It would be fine, if the health issues you create, didn’t migrate with your assistance to the rest of us. When the last one of you has stopped unprotected poo pushing (and related unprotected oral activities) then I’ll be your bezzie mates again. Till then, fuck your denials and hiding behind political correctness that prevents 99.9 percent of us being able to talk about the health issues you bring to society. Deal? Let me know when the last one of you has had his last bareback.

    • dotcom

      Look you are going to win this debate this time round, and for a few decades, gay marriage will be in fashion. Till you poofters stuff it up again for yourselves, and normality is restored, and you will be out of vogue again. Probably it will be because of the disease your sexual irresponsibility keeps on inflicting on the world. People have overlooked the 32,000,000 who died from AIDS, because you have fooled us into accepting that AIDS would have come with or without your assistance.

      • mick

        Youre a moron

        • dotcom

          I’m a moron, and you’re a poofter. My being a moron does not foist disease onto the rest of society. 64,000,000 people so far who have contracted HIV/AIDS. Not my doing. Yours. In case you blinked while I said that – 64 million people. 64 m l l l i o n people.

          • Alex

            Take a look again at the statistics: the vast vast majority of HIV transmissions occur in Africa and are almost exclusively heterosexual. It is only in western societies that it is a predominantly same sex disease.

          • dotcom

            What, dead Africans don’t count?

          • Mitch82

            You do realise that those dead Africans are mainly being left to die because of the Christian influence campaigning against the use of basic tools such as condoms, right?

          • dotcom

            Who started this disease. Stop trying to re-write history. Stop burning the history books. You poofters brought this disease to the rest of us. God, you lot a a bunch of lying deniers.

          • Mitch82

            Haha.. you really should do some reading on the origins of AIDS. I mean, some real reading.

            Or, you can keep making a fool of yourself trumpeting this idea that AIDS originated as a ‘gay disease’, rather than simply becoming publicized because of it’s spread through high-risk populations, such as gay men.

            And heroin users.

            And Haitians.

          • dotcom

            See, there you go burning books again. Newspapers as well, I note.

          • dotcom

            But look, next time you are bare-backing lover boy, you tell yourself you don’t have to worry. Tell yourself it’s only a white African person’s disease. Good luck to you and you fellow player of Russian Roulette.

          • Mitch82

            What fucking books do you think I’m burning? The science is rather clear on the origins of AIDS. The problem is that you’re ignoring the fact that the gay community are an at-risk demographic of contracting AIDS, so that you can believe the misconception that AIDS originated in the gay community.

            AIDS originated in non-human primates. Not gay people. Not junkies.


          • dotcom

            You poofs are in serious denial aren’t you, about the massive boost that you gave to nature to lead to 64,000,000, that’s 64 million people contracting it. But look, it’s unlikely to be something you will be thinking about next time your pushing poo, and engaging in another round of Russian Roulette. Darwin Awards anyone? If only you kept it at home, but you don’t. Throughout history you have exposed the rest of us, to what should be your diseases.

          • Mitch82

            First, I’m quite straight.

            Second, what am I denying? Is there some secret book you’ve read that the rest of us have missed? Point me in the direction of this so far unmentioned absolute truth you think I’m walking over.


            Go online. Google ‘origin of AIDS’. It’ll bring you to a plethora of websites detailing how it evolved from the primate SIV. You might learn something. If you’re going to blame You might even learn enough that you stop making a complete moron out of yourself. If you’re going to point the finger at homosexuals for spreading AIDS to us upstanding straight people, then you also have to point the finger at the other three of the “Four H’s” – hemophiliacs, Haitians and heroin users.

          • dotcom

            I suppose as you think the sun cycles around the earth, so the world cycles around Parmy North. I was there, sunshine. I lived in New York through it all. I saw it all around, I read the New York Times and the Washington Post daily. You in your little cocooned New Zealand, you saw nothing, while in other countries they were dropping in their tens of thousands. I was there sunshine. HIV/AIDS may have started as an obscure little disease of the jungle, but it was when it was a gay disease, that is was fertilised into being a killer of millions worldwide. Bum holes are not meant to be ruptured regularly. Penetrated bumholes bleed, and transfer disease two ways. Vaginas are designed for fucking, arseholes aren’t. and then damn them, the arsehole mis-users .. .. go home to their wives.

          • Mitch82

            Okay, yeah. So we’re just ignoring facts and science, and pinning it all on the gays.

            So you’re happy to point the finger at babies for whooping cough and all the other shit they bring home from kindergarten?

            Seriously, you’re a blathering idiot. I just hope you’re getting it out of your system here so you don’t rock up to a public hearing and make a fool of yourself.

          • Gayguy

            More straight people in the world have AIDs/HIV than homosexual.

          • dotcom

            Yeah, that’s now. But who sped it up? Re-writing history are we? Whatever it takes, right? Burn the history books, if this is what it takes, to spread your diseases as well as your lies.

          • Gayguy

            You really are very ignorant aren’t you.
            The only people trying to rewrite history are the haters such as yourself.

          • dotcom

            So, I’m ignorant and a hater. You on the other hand are a poofter. And poofters spread diseases. Neither my Ignorance nor my hatred doesn’t directly spread disease. Your bare-backing does.

          • mick

            WTF has aids got do with marriage equality you dimwit?
            And by the way dumbarse Aids is not just a gay issue but closeted str8’s like your self who jump the fence for some cock

      • Gayguy

        Interesting how people like you think equality is just a fad and one day the world will revert to the 1950’s.

        I have bad news for you, gays and equality are both here to stay. It is people like you who are dying out.

    • dotcom

      What utter crap. Mixed race marriage can produce progeny. Prevention of it was always wrong. Mixed race marriage is natural. Men having sex with men is not. Besides all of us are mixed race to some degree or other. What utter bilgewater.

      • Gayguy

        Pull your head out of your arse. Other idiots have tried to use the “must make kids” argument and lost.

        • dotcom

          My original point, not that you’ll care, is that you have stolen my words. You have stolen my language. You want a word for your thing you want to call marriage, then invent a word for it, my word was already taken.

          • Gayguy

            Is was never yours to begin with.

            It was the human races.


          • dotcom

            Okay, so I’m a retard. You’re a poofter. The diseases associated with being a retard don’t lead up infecting and killing the whole damned world. Yours do. Filth-monger.

          • Mitch82

            If you’re serious about this “my language” thing, you’re going to end up paying royalties to the French and Germans for all the words we’ve appropriated.

          • dotcom

            So you agree that you have appropriated my language. Finally, an honest poofter.

  • dotcom

    Stop stealing my language – “gay” – “rainbow” – “queen” – “fudgepacker” – and now you want “marriage”. For centuries probably, these were words in general use. Invent a few words of your own for a change. Stop redefining my words.

    • Mitch82

      Look up ‘felching’.

      • dotcom

        Damn, I just looked it up. Yes, it is an example of a newly invented word. Apparently not limited to the pillow biters though. Sick either way – literally. Hepatitis for lunch anyone?

        • Mitch82

          I’m fine mate, you keep it.

          • dotcom

            Do swallowers get extra points?

          • dotcom

            Tell me, are felchers obliged by law, to carry and ring a bell as they approach others?

  • Andrei

    Still pushing this silliness I see.

    Mock all you will but once you redefine marriage to pander to one greivance group there is nothing to stop other greivance groups from joining the band wagon

    It will be an own goal in the finish for the “gays” though but the foolish elites are too stupid and shallow to see the long term consequences of this nonsense.

    • Andrei

    • Mitch82

      Nah, this new angle is boring.

      Go back to telling us how gay marriage is bad because the world is running out of people – that shit was hilarious.

    • I think your comment is still missing a point

      • Andrei

        No it is thee that is the point misser.

        Indeed several, the most salient being that the atomic unit of society is the family based upon blood ties and that if you want to dominate a people you prevent such units from forming (as for example American slave owners did with their chattels).

        And this is also why smashing the family, the atomic unit of a free and civil society, is so attractive to the left and why social policies over the past forty years have been adopted to this end. The results of which are already making themselves felt and are obvious to those of us who are not sleep walking over the cliff,

        You might think that you are showing how enlighented you are supporting this nonsense, you might take vicarious pleasure in poking your borax at those who see this for what it is.

        But you are a nothing but a gulliable lamb being led to the slaughter by people who do not have your interests or even more importantly the best interests of your children at heart.

        • I just can’t see what is wrong with polygamy. Many wives means cleaner toilets”.

        • Wrong…the individual is the basic ,and in fact only relevant unit of humanity….all other abstractions are just that…

        • Macca

          Hey Andrei, you’ve got my vote – totally agree with everything you just said!

        • Mitch82

          Now you’re just rambling. Seriously.

          Go back to “the world is running out of people”, it’s much easier to defend than the “in about 50 years we’ll be saying we told you so” guilt trip.

    • mick

      Ima gay out n proud man it makes me laugh how these tossers bang on about the sanity of marriage. Well dipshits the only people destroying the sanity of marriage are the celebrities like skunks Kadastians and so on and str8 people who root and get caught. Love is love whether its m/f m/m f/f who gives a fcuk long as they are happy life is too short.

      • Travis Poulson

        What’s sanity got to do with it?

      • Oh mick, don’t be so sanitymonious.

    • Gayguy

      Oh go write an angry ill informed bigoted post for the conservative blog.

  • BR

    Why would left driven homosexual lobby stop at homosexual “marriage”?

    Why stop there when there are other perversions to indulge? What about bestiality? What a man gets up to with his hamster in the privacy of his own home is nobody else’s business.

    Isn’t that the test?


    • Random66

      Absolutely and given the recent coverage of parent /child relationships what’s to stop a man falling in love with his 16 year old son, entering into a sexual relationship and then getting married. Once this law is passed probably nothing because after all they love each other and are consenting adults. Some people might find this offensive but they shouldn’t because after all it is about equality and pleasing self is of utmost importance. Yeah right.

  • Who cares if it leads to pologamy?….or bestiality…? or any non rights violating consenting interactions….Mind your own business bigots.

    • dotcom

      It is my business when it introduces disease into my community, disease that my taxpayer dollars have to deal with, and disease which over the millenia, it always has introduced. Which of course, is why you are not liked. What you do, is filth.