Fancy a bit of ‘orse with your burger, Squire?

It’s the sort of thing Aussies would do, except they would use kangaroo…they once exported it as beef. Tesco has been found selling horse meat in their ‘beef’ burger products.

Horse meat has been found in burgers on sale in British supermarkets. Tests on beef products sold in Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, Iceland and Dunnes Stores uncovered low levels of the animal’s DNA.

In Tesco Everyday Value Beef Burgers, horse meat accounted for approximately 29 per cent of the meat. The supermarket announced last night that it was removing all fresh and frozen burgers from sale immediately regardless if they had been found to contain horse meat. 

Tim Smith, the group technical director of Tesco, said: “The presence of illegal meat in our products is extremely serious. Our customers have the right to expect that food they buy is produced to the highest standards.”

An investigation was carried out by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. The Food Standards Agency, working with the Irish authorities, established that mainland Britain was part of the area affected.

More than a third (37 per cent) of the products tested in Ireland contained horse DNA, while the vast majority (85 per cent) also contained pig DNA.

Could have been worse, they could have chucked some cat or dog meat in there.


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  • Cantremember

    Next week Jacinda will be talking to New Idea after eating a family member while dining on a Tesco’s big beef pie.

  • ConwayCaptain

    In ’72 did a voyage from BA,Montevideo,Rio Grande do Sol to FRance and Belgium and we carried quite a large amount of frozen horse meat. It is sold widely in Fr and Bg and most os the sausages are horsemeat.

  • Gazzaw

    As a kid in post-WW2 UK I recall eating horsemeat whenever it was available as it was excluded from the measly or at times non-existent meat rations. Many Dutch baby boomers will recall that as well. Nothing like a touch of hunger to quell the middle class cries of outrage. Whale meat wasn’t too bad either.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Horse meat is great to eat, a bit like venison. I’ve eaten it in both France and Italy. Apparently it’s popular in parts of Sth America as well.
    And it’s not illegal to eat horse meat in the UK. It is illegal not to note it as an ingredient though.

  • Rodger T

    Would not of thought there was much call for a Glue burger.

  • Looks like they finally found Shergar. Tescos could open a whole new subsidiary… Shergar King.