Finally found a Green who catches a bus, but uses an SUV to chase crooks

The green taliban love to tell us all how to live, especially over our choices for transport. Gareth Hughes is the classic, finger-wagging and telling us all off while booking one of the largest carbon foot-prints in the known universe.

In the Herald yesterday though we hear of a green taliban member who was actually catching a bus…like the other people…shortly before using a fuel guzzling SUV to chase bad guys.

Auckland-based Green MP Julie-Anne Genter is trying to find a woman who rescued her luggage last night after a driveby theft from a bus stop.

Ms Genter made a quick dash to her Mt Eden apartment next to the bus stop to grab her cellphone, which she’d left charging upstairs.

She left her luggage unattended, a move she says was a bit foolish, and came back to find her bags gone.

“I suppose I felt secure. It was a sunny, still evening. Mt Eden Road was quiet and warm after a long Anniversary Day. I was only running upstairs for two minutes, and my flat is just above the stop,” she said.

In a panic, Ms Genter asked a man at a bus stop across the road if he’d seen anything.

He pointed to an old red hatchback pulling out down Lovelock Avenue, a side street off Mount Eden Road. 

Ms Genter sprinted after the car but couldn’t keep up.

“The car squealed as they sped up down the hill and around the sharp right turn.

I was trying to make out the licence numbers, but it was hopeless as they disappeared from view”.

She said a woman with three children in an SUV stopped when she saw Ms Genter running.

Ms Genter asked her for help.

“She said ‘yes I can drive and have a look, but it may be too late, I doubt we can do anything,’ I watched as she drove off.”

Nearly in tears, Ms Genter wasn’t hopeful the police would be any use because she hadn’t seen the registration plates or the make of the car.

“Before I could begin to cut my losses, and come to terms with the fact that I had lost the bags and everything in them, the woman in the SUV pulled up.”

“The woman smiled broadly and said,’it’s okay, we’ve got them,”‘ said Ms Genter.

“She was very mild-mannered and calm.”

Lucky the woman in the red car hadn’t listened to the green taliban otherwise the chase would have been forlorn…an SUV no less…awesome

One thing is for certain though, we now know not to trust Julie-Anne Genter with sensitive documents about government. She’ll leave them lying around.

Honestly, did she think publicity about how she carelessly left a bag full of property lying around for someone to swipe would be helpful to her?


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Send her back on a rendition flight to Boston Mass where she comes from.

  • toby_toby

    They don’t seriously let her have sensitive documents, do they??

    • A+random+reader

      She’s not a member of a governing party.

      What do you think?

      • toby_toby

        What, you think opposition parties never have sensitive documents?

        • Gazzaw

          They always seem to have plenty of leaked documents.

  • David Broome

    I am more optimistic. Maybe this will become an epiphany for her on two issues. First nice law abiding citizens can and do drive SUV’s on formed roads while bad guys are just that, bad (what’s the bet thjier vehicle was spewing emissions too). Given her ‘co-leader’ Metiria Turei does not believe criminals deserve more punishment than a cup of tea and a hug, maybe, just maybe, Ms Genter could channel John McEnroe, “You cannot be serious. Bugger the crims they can get right royally stuffed’.

  • jonno1

    That’s a bit harsh WO. At least she does use a bus and lives in an apartment, ie practices what she preaches (OK, she probably flies to Wellington, but she’s no Gareth Hughes). And I can remember when you could leave front doors and cars unlocked without any fear of thieves, although that was in a country town.

    I sometimes wonder whether Julie-Anne Genter is in the wrong party – seems to me she would be a better fit further to the right.

  • tarkwin

    Imagine what was in the bag, 2kg of mung beans, a couple of crystals, 500 Green peace brochures, a heap of tie-dyed T shirts, no razor, no soap,no underwear, the recycled paper valentine card she was going to send to Russel, a bag of pot, tarot cards and a ouji board for making decisions. Poor crims probably took one look and found God.

  • backster

    Maybe she could have caught the crooks herself if she had taken skateboard lessons from that former green(tanzcos something) with the dreadlocks.

  • Kiwikea

    Bus stop is outside her house. Maybe she was waiting for a taxi?

  • Jester

    “The car squealed as they sped up down the hill and around the sharp right turn.

    I was trying to make out the licence numbers, but it was hopeless as they disappeared from view”.

    So much for Aucklands grid locked traffic she is always bleating about!

    Fail on Julie Annes part but i’d still give her one regardless.

  • davidp

    She has a cellphone? I thought the Greens were opposed to cellphone towers? Does she realise that the towers are required to support the phones, or does she think the voices get in to her phone by magic?

    • Travis Poulson

      She uses a dummy cell phone to look the part, still hears voices though.

  • . .

    No, she was probably getting the bus to the airport. Airbus route 1 runs down Mt Eden Rd, every 20 minutes weekdays, 30 minutes weekends. Some of what she talks about makes a lot of sense, e.g. why is the government building projects like Puhoi-Wellsford and transmission gully when the BCRs are so poor.

  • Hazards001

    I don’t give a damn where you think you are in a built up city with a high crime rate…what sort of a halfwit would leave luggage sitting on the side of the road for 2 minutes (4 as it was clearly a return trip) and expect it to still be there on their return? Why didn’t she ask a passing stranger in a hoodie with a bandanna around his neck and the waistband of his jeans approaching his knees to keep an eye on it? Make just as much sense.

    For crying out loud we tell tourists not to leave suitcases and backpacks visible in their locked cars and camper vans.
    How did she get into parli….wait…don’t tell me..MMP? And another fucking import to boot.

  • sandynobb

    Wussell used to catch a bus. Haven’t seen him recently. Maybe he swapped the unreliable, slow, inefficient, & noisy trolley’s for a taxi?

  • John Q Public

    Buses don’t fly for through the air. That’s what roads are for.

  • J.M

    Julie Anne Genter is probably my favourite of the greens. She really does make sense around public transport issues, even if some of her colleagues are downright nuts.