Fire in Invercargill, Herald calls out fire engine from Whangarei again

You would think they would do something about their sub-editing.

Yet again the Herald has used the Whangarei fire engine to attend to a call….this time in Invercargill.


In another story they have used a fire engine on the Northern motorway to illustrate a story about a fire in Northland

Surely the Whangarei fire engine would have been better for that story.



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  • Lion_ess

    His name is “Flick … and-he-does-it -just-the-same …”

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Talk about a tour of duty.

  • Whangarei Fire dept should charge royalties for the use of the image of their fire engine.

  • disqus_FM6nS7AF5V

    This is up there with the massive Hell Pizza scandal.

  • Mr_V4

    Now all they need is Faafoi onboard and this fire engine will inherit DeLorean capabilites, putting out such great fires as Great Fire of London, 1666, San Francisco earthquake fires of 1906, not to mention be on the scene when a caveman first rubbed sticks together.

    Is there anything the Whangarei fire engine cannot do?

  • Sooty

    Come on give the Herald a break. All of the journilist are still on holiday . The school kids are still running the newsroom. The first of them should start back monday.

    • Travis Poulson

      Come on Sooty, they’ve been shite long before holidays even started. That excuse doesn’t wash around here. Besides, David Fisher is still hard at work as the Kraut Propaganda Minister and dancing like a monkey to his much bigger organ grinder.

  • williamabong

    You would think one of their rocket scientists could have photoshoped the picture by now, given this is about the fifth time Cam has had a flick at them.
    I guess if you’re not to worried about something as minor as getting it right why should you worry.