Firstline tomorrow at 0715

FirstLineLrgI am on Firstline tomorrow at 0715 for a general discussion about politics.

Topics are likely to be Maori party leadership, Cunliffe’s non-challenge and the February leadership vote and John Key’s re-shuffle.

Tune in to TV3 to watch.

No idea who I am on with, but Rachel Smalley is away and Emma Jolliff is the presenter.


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  • Bryce Edwards

    Talk to you in the morning at 7:15!

    • Cool…bet I can get you to say you agree with me.

  • 7:15? wha?!! is there day light that early???

  • Hazards001

    7 15? FFS I’ll be at least halfway through my first job by then….best ya tape it for me I’ll watch it at night…late!

  • Dave

    Is there a link to the online recording please ??