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Via the Tipline:


I had to use the public loos at Reefton today, and noticed some nice entrepreneurial man had left his contact details behind.  So I thought, he obviously loves exposure, why not give him some national exposure?


2013-01-28 15.40.27


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  • Lion_ess

    Hope he’s not a priest offering redemption mentoring

    • sandynobb

      Is there a priest hole as well?

    • redemption mentoring aversion training

  • Patrick

    not a man until you’ve had a man. So an ex jailbird told me…

    • Lion_ess

      They would, wouldn’t they.

      I’ve always wondered, but been too shy to ask, why straights turn gay in prison?

      • Alex

        Men are pragmatic — if necessity requires it, or if they think they won’t get caught. After all, the twitch and release is the same whatever the gender of the recipient.

      • Patrick

        I assure you I cannot answer that one

      • They aren’t gay but the guys who suck their cocks are

        • Lion_ess

          Well, it surprises me, when comments like Alex’s below, are probably quite close to the mark; why there is such antagonism from male commenters towards (bloke-based) gay marriage.

          • Alex

            You’ve asked that before, I shall endeavor to answer (knowing full well that dotcom will begin his tirades about the hot, sweaty gay sex that haunts him):

            1. Gay men reflect what these gentlemen seek to repress (not entirely unfounded given that certain people in the past who post on here seem to have done quite a bit of “research” into gay porn sites); or

            2. Gentlemen of a certain generation seem to view sex as a “power” thing in which the penetration is an act of domination by the male over the female; gay men reverse this “natural order” (I’ll call this the feminist thesis); or

            3. They labour under the delusion that gay men find them attractive and are secretly raping them in their minds (possibly on the basis that they themselves are guilty of treating women like that in their minds); or

            4. They have attempted to engage in same sex activities, but the subjects of their lust never reciprocated their attention, so they get spiteful; or

            5. They did engage in same sex relations and found it was hideous and felt guilt, disgust etc; or

            6. Hit on by some unattractive older male when young.

            Another question might be, why aren’t women generally so opposed? My answer might be that, especially if they’ve had children, they’ve seen it all, and can put things into proper perspective.

            But speculation aside, I still don’t get how any healthy heterosexual male could care less about anyone else’s sex life, let alone post screeds and screeds about anal sex.

          • Lion_ess

            Thanks for taking the time Alex, I’ve long suspected you are bang on.

          • Hazards001

            Or you could just wonder why hetro sexual men don’t go wearing the fact on their sleeve and get pissy when the homosexuals of both genders feel it is their duty to do so?
            Not that I give a damn..I’m a man and happy with that.

          • Alex

            Some wear it on their sleeve. Not all. But even so, it doesn’t give licence to vent spleen. Just best to call it bad taste and ignore it. Suspect though that the overt ones and the homophobes feed off each other, so it’s one of nature’s complicated symbiotic relationships.

        • That is indeed the rationale. One macho hetero type told me, stony-faced and quite serious, that he made sure he was only serviced by gay prisoners with long hair “and I get them to stuff a couple of oranges down their t-shirt, so when I look down, everything looks alright”. If you’d called him gay, or even bi, or approached him outside the walls of a prison, he’d have beaten you to death (which I witnessed him trying to do to someone with the handle of a payphone. Almost succeeded, too).

    • Dumrse

      I’ve never done it before and I’ll never do it again.

  • starboard

    aint that Farrars number ?

  • Blair Mulholland

    He must be the oonly ghee in the villatch :-P

  • This is a bullshit post. I’m surprised how an innocent number could be put out like this.