Gareth Hughes killing penguins and polar bears with Bonfires

Dolphin, Gareth Hughes, bonfires

Dead dolphin, helped to an early grave by Gareth Hughes and his bonfires

So after burning up the carbon miles travelling around the country (care of the taxpayer) to turn up at any Greenie cause he could find to support, Gareth Hughes has had a good old fashioned burn off at his place over summer. Isn’t composting supposed to be the ‘Green’ thing to do?  Perhaps if it’s only other people.

How are you unwinding over summer?

My plan is to have a whole bunch of bonfires. I bought a house last year and I’ve got a huge amount of gardening to catch up with so I’ve got a fire permit and as the nights have got a bit longer I’ve started having fires so I plan to do some gardening, clear some wood. There’s heaps of fallen trees we’ve cleared away and straggly stuff.” 

While the wood is inert it sequesters the carbon, but having big fuck off bonfires just helps kill the penguins and polar bears faster if you are a green taliban hypocrite.


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  • maninblack

    gareth hughes is a fucking cunt.

  • JC

    Its a lefty/Green thing.. the “Noble Cause” absolves them of criminal action, excess, hypocrisy and corruption.

    Type “Noble Cause” into Google and the first clue it gives is “Noble Cause Corruption” and five of the 10 hints relate to corruption.

    Its as simple as that.. these people are corrupt and bereft of human values that conflict with their Gaia God.


  • Mr_V4

    No doubt Gareth would be one of those arseholes who decides to have a burnoff on days which are perfect for a BBQ, sending smoke billowing over the neighbours.

  • Rodger T

    I read this Headline and thought you were in trouble Cam, and then when I read the article I realised that Kiwis need to harden the fuck up.

    • Honcho

      I read that and had a WTF moment, iwi have been carving bone since before jesus walked, where the hell do these ponces think bone comes from? or sirloin steak in the styrofoam packs on the meat rack in the super?
      NZ needs to grow a pair or go home, certainly not complain about the cold facts of life.

  • Hagues

    So come July when this wanker is bleeting about the poor freezing in their state homes (because they spent the power money at the local) lets remind him about all the potential free firewood he could have given them.

    • A_Teacher

      “because they spent the power money at the local” = making stuff up to suit your prejudices.

  • Patrick

    Do as I say not as I do – the socialists’ mantra.
    So typical of these oxygen thieves, prancing around telling everyone how to live their lives, all the while doing the exact opposite himself. Just like his hero Al (the fraud) Gore

    • A_Teacher

      Making stuff up to suit your prejudices is no substitute for reasoned debate.

      • Patrick

        A few real life examples for you: I lived in the UK for a number of years, Tony Blair & his government were constantly telling parents that they should send their children to state schools because the state education system was so wonderful. All the while they sent their own children to private schools because they knew their kids stood a better chance in the private schooling system.

        Labour in NZ abolished the honours system because they hated the elitism & the “colonialism” of it all. But Michael Cullen was front of the queue when the knighthood was offered.

        Clarke & Cullen sneered at “rich pricks” all the while accumulating properties & cushy jobs for themselves and now most average kiwis would view them as “rich pricks”.

        Al Gore flies around the world charging audiences mega bucks to hear his snake oil sales pitch, we must stop burning fossil fuels etc etc. Check out his travels, while you are at it check out the palace he calls home. Double standards or what?

        Oh & the big daddy of them all – I am sure you have seen the video of David Cunliffe electioneering in South Auckland, trying to get down with the bro’s to get a few votes, bet he wiped the dirt off his shoes before heading back home to Mission Bay, what an absolute cock.

        There are plenty of examples of the do as I say not as I do of the lefties.

  • Tom

    Ask jeanette fitzmuppet about nearly setting fire to a shitload of her area while playing with burnoffs at her lifestyle block in the coromandel ( Seem to remember it was hot and dry and windy at the time..) Do as I pontificate, not as I do.

    The greens are just a pack of beaming fuckwits in gardening gloves..