Gareth Morgan continues to offend, cat lobby are feral, self-centered and balmy

Gareth Morgan went to the Herald today to try and say that he didn’t want to kill cats…that it was all a beat up…ignoring his website and all the press releases he sent out promoting it.

To be clear, I have never and will never advocate killing people’s pets or placing outright bans. I have too much faith in the New Zealand public for that. I think that by informing people of the damage that cats can do, they will either choose to not replace their cat when it dies, or at least ensure they are responsible pet owners.

I call bullshit on that…however while he was saying that in New Zealand he was talking out of the other side of his mouth to The Atlantic…obviously in the forlorn hope that we’d never find out.

Gareth must not have heard of the internet…clearly…since he has continued to attack cats and cat owners in an interview with The Atlantic…which is ONLINE. 

He proceeds to insult cat owners and liken them to the gun lobby in the US.

He starts of quietly at the start of the article:

THOMPSON: New Zealand reportedly has the highest cat-ownership rate in the world. How come?

MORGAN: Because we have virtually no obligations on cat owners (bit like you guys with your guns) and so people own them, abandon them, and generally take no responsibility for the unintended consequences of their actions. The most oft-heard and erroneous utterance we get here from cat owners is, “Oh but my pussy only kills rats and mice, he’d never harm a native bird.” As you can see this denial verges on explicit stupidity.

Nice one Gareth, “explicit stupidity”…if you thought the cat lobby was feral before wait till they find out about this next bit.

Are you looking to other public policy examples for lessons, for example gun control? Your ambition to take away a popular but lethal product from households seems similar in ways to the United States’ (and particularly American liberals’) ambition to strictly regulate gun ownership.

Agree totally, and the cat lobby here is just as feral, self-centered and as balmy as your gun lobby is.

There you go…according to Gareth Morgan, being a cat owner and objecting to his mad rantings about cats is like Alex Jones from the gun lobby:


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  • cows4me

    Perhaps he trying to see how many people he can piss off in 2013.

  • Mr_Blobby

    That feral fucktard Kerridge need his claws clipped. The penalties being dished out for cruelty to animals are far worse than the penalties for what we do to each other.

    He’s worse than the breast feeding Nazis’s, and that is saying something.

    Another fossil that needs to retire, or be retired.

    • Rockfield

      So Fat Boy,

      You advocate “cruelty to animals” and are quite happy to support said principle. If so, you earn the low wattage drop kick of the week award.

      I, and I repeat the ‘I’ and probably quite a few others, think that Kerridge and the organisation he fronts do a very good job.

      It’s a shame we can’t sterilise a few that leave our prison system when they are released back into the public world.


  • toby_toby

    Lol, balmy. I’m sure Morgan meant ‘barmy’ when he spoke to The Atlantic but I guess they aren’t too familiar with that word over there…

  • WTF. Real men hunt and shit and then come home to pat a pussy on their knee. It’s a left wing plot to demasculanise males iof NZ

  • Travis Poulson

    I’ve said elsewhere, and I’ll say it here. Gareth Morgan is quickly becoming exposed as being as unhinged as Penny Bright, just a few more $ in the bank account. A rich batshit crazy person is even worse than a poor one.

  • Ronnie Chow

    If Morgan is shaping up to be a politician and just testing the waters , he would be a shoe-in for Labour Finance spokesman .

  • good god there has been some gold facebook pages made of this.

    i bet that this is one of those stories that gets on “weird news of the day” all over the world.

  • Patrick

    Gareth Morgan – a man with a tiny organ – in his case his brain.